January 2, 2015

Casual Friday: Writing Challenges for the New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! (A day late but the year is still relatively new. :) )

If you haven't yet, it's not too late to make resolutions for the year. I actually made mine several days ago but I'd like to share it with all of you now as a way of solidifying my commitment (and to invite you to join me if this is something you're interested in as well).

This year, I'm finally making the commitment to try writing every day--even if it's just a paragraph or two at a time. Although I get lots of writing done in a year, I have a tendency to write in huge chunks in sporadic times (I even wrote a novel in a week this one time....it was pretty insane), which means that really, for most of the year, I'm not getting much writing done and thus not really improving as much as I could as a writer. It's my hope to spread it out a little more and thus also get in the habit of writing more regularly in 2015.

I'll admit it here and now. This isn't the first time I'm making this resolution. But this year, I'm doing two things differently than the other times.

1.) Instead of getting myself overwhelmed by committing to "write every day in the year," I'm dividing the year into twelve much more manageable chunks by making the commitment to "write every day of this month" for the next twelve months, instead.

2.) I'm joining the monthly 500-word-per-day Writing Challenges over at WritingChallenge.Org. Part of the Writing Challenge includes having to log your word counts in a Participant Log every day so you can share your actual progress with other people as the month goes along (kind of like the Cabins during NaNoWriMo but less rushed, since the goal is to just get 500 words down every day, not finish a whole novel in a month--although you could certainly write more if you can). They also have monthly hashtags on Twitter (ie: this month's is #JanWritingChallenge) so you can share your word count with other participants, encourage each other, and etc. It's my first time doing something like this but I'm excited to try it in this new year.

How about you guys? Are you making any changes to your writing this year? Any other writing-related new year resolutions? Do share in the comments below!

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