January 22, 2015

Band Geek Thursday: Susan Adrian's TUNNEL VISION Soundtrack

Today on Band Geek Thursday, we have our first 2015 debut! And one especially exciting for me because Susan Adrian's book TUNNEL VISION and my book are buddies and one-week-apart release twins! I love her soundtrack and her explanation for how these songs fit into the book. Take it away, Susan!
Thank you so much for having me, YA Misfits! I love Band Geek Thursdays, and am so excited to talk about the soundtrack for TUNNEL VISION.
I know, we normally call them "playlists"! But early on in the writing of TUNNEL VISION, a fast-paced YA thriller, I realized that it was so visual I wanted it to have a soundtrack, like a TV show or a movie. Each chapter (42 chapters!) has a song associated with it that's printed at the top of the chapter. As soon as I started that, I began listening to them as I wrote, and while I brainstormed (and while I mowed the lawn). With each chapter I'd add a new song and start again, in order. I must've listened to the first few songs hundreds of times. They relate to the chapter in different ways. Sometimes the title was so apt I had to take it, but usually it was the theme, or the mood I thought fit. My rule was that it had to come from the character, though, what Jake himself would choose. So even though I don't personally game, there's a piece from Call of Duty: Black Ops that was perfect. There are genres in there I don't even listen to, usually. I won't talk about what each song meant (because 42!), but here are 12 songs that are particularly resonant for me:
1. People Following Me by Phunk Junkeez. I love this song. I rock out to this song every time. To me it just sets the tone perfectly: Jake is paranoid, but there really are people following him.
3. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody by Fergie, Q-Tip, and Goon Rock. This was a late replacement, actually, but as soon as I heard it I knew it had to go in for Chapter 3. In which a party may actually kill someone.
7. Home by Marc Broussard. This song makes me teary when I play it, because it makes me feel Jake coming home to his family. I tried to play it for my husband once, but he just didn't get it. It has to go with the chapter.
9. Sister by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. Jake's sister Myka is so very important to him, and this song captures that.
12. Tunneling Through by Tweak Bird. HELLO, TITLE. I could not believe it when I ran across this song! It describes tunneling, Jake's special power. Well, in my mind anyway.
13. Little Truth by The Delta Routine. And yet if I needed a theme song for a lot of the book, it would be this one. All he wants is a LITTLE truth. Somewhere.
18. Gone by Black Lab. Cry. Every. Time. This song encapsulates the mood for me of maybe the most difficult chapter in the book.
22. Lies by Billy Talent. There are about 3 songs about lies in the soundtrack, and I love each one. I like to yell-sing them. The Violent Femmes one is awesome too.
32. Revenge by Sean Murray, from Call of Duty. This is instrumental, but it really hits the "soundtrack" feel. I can hear it playing through the (ahem) revenge of the chapter.
33. Feeling Good by Nina Simone. A little respite for Jake, a moment of happiness. And a huge call-out to Chuck, the show that inspired me in the beginning.
39. Dad by Goldfinger. Can't give spoilers, but yeah. This one.
42. The End. by Jason Reeves. Because it is. And yet the words in the song talk about how it also isn't.
If you'd like to listen to the whole playlist, it's available on Spotify here:
You can find out more about TUNNEL VISION, me, and where you can find me on the Tunnel Tour here: http://www.susanadrian.net/

Susan Adrian is a 4th-generation Californian who somehow stumbled into living in Montana. She danced in a ballet company and worked in the fields of exotic pet-sitting, clothes-schlepping, and bookstore management. She’s settled in, mostly, as a scientific editor. When she’s not with her family, she keeps busy researching spy stuff, traveling, and writing more books.
Twitter: @susan_adrian
Website: http://www.susanadrian.net/


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