December 24, 2014

Writing Club Wednesday: Motivation Exploration

Hello and Happy Wednesday (and happy holidays!)

I hope you are all well during this festive time of year!

The holidays are what gave me the idea for my first Writing Club Wednesday post on motivation and exploring ways that may or may not be new to you for the new year.
Sometimes, especially around the holidays, busy times of the year or when we're feeling sick/down/overwhelmed it's tough to get motivated and get going with writing (or with life in general) so I want to share with you some ways to get motivated that might be a change in your routine and just might work

1. Start your day with sunshine - Exposure to bright natural light is a great way to wake up your brain. As writers we sometimes tend to go from one dimly lit room to another, to work by the light of a screen. So try letting some light in!

2. Keep the thing that inspired you to write in the first place in your workspace - Maybe it's a quote that lit the fire of passion to write. Maybe it's a dream cast of your characters printed out and taped to your work area (I found mine on Pinterest, it works) or maybe it's a goal simply jotted on a post it, stuck to your computer. Keep the reason for why you're doing what you do around you and you'll want to reach that goal.

3. Get an accountability partner - Connect with a friend that has similar goals to yours and hold each other accountable. Make a plan for check in times, whether it's on a daily or weekly basis. Set clear and detailed goals and hold each other accountable for meeting these goals. (Also, extra points for sending motivational memes that are hilarious)

4. Try a different avenue of creative outlet - Having the confidence to get out of your comfort zone and everything you're familiar with will reenergize you to return. It just might also inspire a new scene or character or even entire outlines for a story. Try seeing the world through a camera lens, or sketching scenery with colored pencils. Who cares if you're not a pro at it, just try something new.

5. Write a page of your future biography - It might feel silly but it might also be fun! Bring the accomplishments you're currently dreaming of to life. Write them out as if you've already done them and read them aloud to yourself. It will be like music to your ears (or like a NYT Bestseller award to your book) and then get back to work and make it happen!

Let me know if you're going to try some of these, or if you've tried any of these already and whether or not they worked for you. Also, if you've discovered a motivation tip that really gets you going, share it with us in the comments!

One last thing before I leave you to your holiday goodness. I made a quick list of writing advice books that you might want to pick up for a new year and new found motivation!

On Writing - Stephen King (This one gets recommended A LOT. There's a reason for that)

Query - CJ Redwine

The Emotion Thesaurus - Angela Ackerman (Not really writing advice but this book is a must for writers)


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