November 26, 2014

Writing Club Wednesday: Best TV Shows to Jump-Start Your Writing

Greetings Misfiteers!

I hope your week is going well! It's cold and snowy, but at least it's a short week around these parts!

I was trying to think of a subject that had to do with writing that hasn't been done to death. It's hard to think of something. So I went with what I know. I watch TV more than I read. I KNOW. Cardinal sin of a writer, but I do read a lot too, it's just easier sometimes to turn on a TV and zone out, ya know? So I compiled a list of TV shows that I believe could jump-start your writing categorized by genre.

So, here we go!

Political Mystery/Thriller

House Of Cards - This show is ruthless, cunning, and addictive. Perfect for political thriller lovers. You will be shocked at what these characters are capable of.

Blacklist - This show ducks and weaves through its plot and is all-around awesome. There are secrets buried deep and I can't wait to uncover every one. Also, James Spader is perfection as Red.

Murder Mystery

Criminal Minds - I've been watching this show for years and it's my favorite. Nothing is cooler than criminal profilers IMO. Also, this show goes there. Just when you think they've covered everything in your nightmares, they go that extra mile. AND I love them for it.

Pretty Little Liars - Who doesn't want to be part of the drama of these girls? And there's mystery and deceit around every corner. Also, they're just fun to watch.

How To Get Away With Murder - One of the best new shows on TV. If you think you know whodunit? There's always a twist... I love, love this show.


Supernatural - I just started watching this show but I have to tell you it's addictive and awesome. Dean and Sam have loads of chemistry and who doesn't want to watch two hot guys fight demons and ghosts?

Vampire Diaries - It's kind of become my go-to when it comes to paranormal drama. I love this show. The writers know what they're doing and the pacing is brilliant.

Teen Wolf - I don't think enough people give this show the credit it deserves. It's imaginative and genuinely scary. The acting is great and if anyone has a chance at beating Sam and Dean with chemistry it's Scott and Stiles.


Once Upon a Time - This show ebbs and flows with me, but I've recently gotten back into it. Why? SPOILER ALERT: Hook and Emma. Mad chemistry and who doesn't like a bad boy trying to be good?

Game of Thrones - One of the best shows I've ever seen. Death and corruption at its best. A can't miss show if you love fantasy.

Sleepy Hollow - I put this under fantasy because I wasn't sure where else to. But this show is mystery, fantasy and magic all in one. Watching Ichabod learn the ways of today is amusing and entertaining, while the mystery of the evil in the woods keeps me tuning in!


American Horror Story - I mean, is there any other show that displays the nightmares in our head quite the way that show does? I don't think so. The clown scene from this season... yeah, one of the scariest things I've seen on TV.

Penny Dreadful - Another show on hiatus that I'm seriously in need of. This show brings the horror with a twist. It's premiere season had me wanting more every episode. Now if it could just come back...


The 100 - Plop a group of teens on a planet where they believed all was lost and have them fend for themselves? Um, okay. Trust me, this one is a fun ride.

Orphan Black - This show, you guys. What a trip. It's an enigma wrapped in a mystery, but I love unwrapping its secrets. This will make anyone want to write the next sci-fi thriller.

Teen Contemporary

Awkward - one of the best shows where teens are just teens doing teen things. I love the every day situations in this show. #TeamMatty

Finding Carter - On hiatus right now, but easily one of the best teen dramas I've seen this year. I fell in love with these characters and I'm ready for more!

Switched at Birth - Diversity and drama wrapped up into an awesome show. I wanted to learn sign language after watching this show. It's all topped off by good acting. Must see!


Big Bang Theory - This show hasn't soured in all the years it's been on. Somehow I still want to hang with these characters every week. Inventive writing and great acting.

The Mindy Project - Mindy is one of the funniest, shallowest characters I root for. You can't help but love her and her weirdness. I would pretty much watch anything with Mindy Kaling.

New Girl - Like OUAT, this show ebbs and flows for me. But the characters remain true. Also, I love Nick Miller--always an underdog. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - This show is so fun. Andy Samberg has never been better and these characters will grow on you. 


Jane The Virgin - If you haven't checked this one out yet, you're missing out. It doesn't take itself too seriously and Gina Rodriguez is my new favorite. Her acting is incredible. I feel everything she portrays. This show is on my can't miss list.

Orange is the New Black - Jail drama is the best kind. But the backstories on these characters will hit you right in the heart. It just proves that even good people can do bad things if given the right circumstances. 

Honestly I could go on and on and I know I missed some good ones. But if you're not in the mood to read (it happens!) then try one of these shows to kick-start that story you've been wanting to write. Ideas abound!

Okay, so which ones did I miss?

Have a great week and to those of us in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving!

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Stephsco said...

I love so many of these shows. I have to balance TV with reading and writing and have given up a few shows, especially some that have waned in quality over the years (Bones is intolerable, and I'm barely hanging on to Castle only out of loyalty to Nathan Fillion).

I still love Supernatural, even 10 seasons in (!!). This latest season has had some really strong episodes, though the strongest story arcs really did end back in season 5.

And I think I need to become a master plotter just so I can write an Orphan Black inspired book. Though half the fun is seeing the lead play the different clones.

erica m. chapman said...

Right??? I just made it to season 5 of Supernatural but I love it. I'm years away from writing something as cool as Orphan Black but one can dream ;0) I agree with you on Bones. Stopped watching it a couple years ago!

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