November 18, 2014


Hello Misfiteers,
We've counted the entries and sorted the argyle and picked winners for our giveaway!! Thank you to everyone who entered, followed, shouted out, RT'd. We love you all!! Here's to more years of Misfit Shenanigans!

Before we announce the winners, let's reflect on where we've been and where we're going. We're saying farewell to two founding misfits Leigh Ann Kopans and Jamie Grey. (You can still check out their books on the Our Books page, under "YA Misfit Alumni Books"!) They will be greatly missed!

We're also gaining two new awesome Misfits! 
We can't wait to hang with these two at our lunch table!

Alana "The Angry Poet" Chapman


Megan "The Troublemaker" Grimit

You can check out Megan's first post here!

So, you probably want to get to the winners, eh? Well, LET'S DO THIS!

The e-Reader Prize Pack (INT) Winner:

Sarah Kettles

The Hard Copy Prize Pack (US/CAN) Winner:

Kierra Dele

The Writer Prize Pack (INT) Winner:

Adriyanna Zimmerman

Misfit Book of Choice #yamisfits Winner:

Jessi S.

Below is the winning tweet! An argyle bear AND it has Misfit Megan's book BETWEEN!

Thank you again to everyone who entered. 
Winners, we'll be in contact with you soon ;o)

Have a great week, Misfiteers!


KiKiD said...

Yeah thank you so much!! (I'm Kierra btw.) This was such an epic giveaway <333

erica m. chapman said...


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