November 10, 2014

THE ULTIMATE MONDAY PEP RALLY - Meet the New Misfits + Giveaway!!!

We YA Misfits are so, so excited to share a whole bunch of excitement with you guys - we have new misfits!!! 

We had a wonderful first two years with our original twelve, but we all know how crazy and busy publishing can get, and sadly, two of our founding misfits, Jamie Grey and Leigh Ann Kopans, have moved on to becoming our very first YA Misfits alumni. (You can still check out their books on the Our Books page, under "YA Misfit Alumni Books"!)

Thankfully, though, there are a lot of fabulous YA writers out there in the community, and we were able to sucker two more misfits into coming on board, so please welcome:

Alana "The Angry Poet" Chapman


Megan "The Troublemaker" Grimit


Over the next couple of weeks, you'll get to know both of our misfits much better, and you can check them out now by clicking on their names in the sidebar and looking them up in the Yearbook!

To celebrate our brand new misfits, we're having a massive giveaway, with four possible prizes. (And yes, you can enter as many giveaways as you like!) The top way to enter? Post a picture of your "argyle best" - whether it's you donning it, a kid, a creative! - on social media, making sure to tag it #yamisfits, and to tag us!

(Yes, all of those argyle items belong to a single Misfit, and no, she is not ashamed.)
(Yes, we took that picture two years ago in anticipation of running a contest like this, and yes, we really are that slow.)

You'll see it as a 10-point option in each of the giveaways, but it's the only way to win prize #1: the YA Misfit book of your choice, in the format of your choice, including pre-orders. (INT, as long as Book Depository ships to you.) To enter, just mention which book you want in your tweet/post!

Here are the rest of the giveaways - go forth and enter!

The e-Reader Prize Pack (INT)

The Hard Copy Prize Pack (US/CAN)

The Writer Prize Pack (INT)

Good luck, Misfiteers, and thanks for over two great years!


Leandra Wallace said...

Welcome to the new Misfits!

lostbraincell said...

YAY! This is fun! I am newbie and this is my first time here! I am a fan of Dahlia Adler and her tweets got me intrigued and I knew I had to check this out! I am loving is and can't wait to see more posts from you all! Thanks for having such awesome giveaways!!

lostbraincell said...

Any and all new books from Maggie Stiefvater, Jennifer Armentrout, Dahlia Adler, Martina Boone, Katie McGarry. And I know there will be so many more I buy in 2015. I'm a book addict.

Adriyanna Zimmermann said...

I will be buying Truthwitch by Susan Dennard!

Adriyanna Zimmermann said...

Currently working on a sci-fi WIP with a bit of fantasy. It is set in a futuristic space.

Diana Sousa said...

Welcome to the new Misfits :D

I'm currently working on an YA Dark Fantasy, a mixture of dark worlds and music!

KiKiD said...

I already preordered A Darker Shade of Magic, and I'm pretty sure I'm buying A Court of Thorns and Roses. Oh, and especially Shadow Scale! I've been waiting 2 years for that ;)

Rebecca said...

Welcome new Misfits! While I can't tell you what'd I like more of in 2015, I look forward to what you have planned :)

Adrianne Russell said...

Welcome new Misfits! I love the playlists so I'd gladly welcome more of that. I'm looking forward to buying P.S. I STILL LOVE YOU, VANISHING GIRLS, and ALL THE RAGE. My current WIP is a young adult contemporary about a girl who craves distraction and a boy who falls in love (dual POV).

Margit Sage said...

Welcome and thank you for hosting these giveaways!

Margit Sage said...

Oh, and my current WIP is an adult urban fantasy.

Suzi said...

Just want to see more of the same on the blog. I may not comment much, but I'm reading. Welcome to the new Misfits. :)

Julia Rozer said...

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