November 17, 2014

Monday Pep Rally: Escaping Shiny New Ideas

Since we've all gotten so used to getting our thoughts down in 140 characters - and it's fun to keep the conversation flowing - we've taken the Pep Rally to twitter! Every Monday, we host a twitter chat and we'd love you to join in. Just keep an eye out for the #MisfitPepRally hashtag! 

I am currently being bested by the shiny new idea. Several, actually. For the last year I've been working on the same project, and while I had other things in my brain, itching to be fleshed out a little bit, I didn't really give them any time beyond a few Post-It scribbles or maybe a note on my white board. And now that I have a minute (and I'm trying, and mostly failing, to catch up on my NaNo word count) it seems like everything I pushed down for the last twelve months is flying to the surface all at once!

I started off writing one thing, and now... I think I'm writing something else? But there's this completely new idea dancing around, trying to get my attention too, and OH MY GOD. I'm going crazy.

Help, Misfiteers! Do you ever get lost in the land of shiny new ideas? And if so, how do you escape?

Answer in the comments, or join the discussion on twitter - don't forget the hashtag, #MisfitPepRally!


Suzi said...

It's hard sometimes. I shouldn't complain that I have too many ideas, but I need to concentrate on revising other work rather than starting writing another shiny new idea. But when the characters are screaming, it's hard to ignore them.

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