November 14, 2014

Interview With A Misfit: Megan G.

It's that time again! We summoned the Misfit-Bot to help you meet one of our new Misfits on this lovely Friday! 

Hi, Misfit Megan! Tell us about you and what you're working on!

Hi there! I’m a young adult author (mostly when my kids are sleeping) represented by Mandy Hubbard at D4EO Literary. My CP’s would tell you I’m a horror writer (don’t believe them) but mostly I just have a talent for taking normal things and making them creepy. I danced around a bit in the past, attempting some contemporary and fantasy ideas, before I settled on the darker, hair-raising stuff.

Right now I’m doing some edits with my agent, and plotting out my next WIP, which might have something to do with death prophecies and voodoo in New Orleans.

Your YAMisfits nickname is The Troublemaker. What'd you do to earn that one?

I have a bad habit of getting bored and finding… interesting ways to entertain myself. In high school I was the kid getting in mud fights on New Year’s Eve, racing shopping carts down super steep hills, stealing traffic cones, and sneaking out of the house at 3am when I couldn’t sleep.

“I didn’t do it,” was my automatic response when people called my name.

I’ve grown up a little bit since then but you can almost guarantee that if there are shenanigans going on, I’m probably responsible.

How do you find your pep on a Monday, or any other day when writing is tough?

VERY loud music. The kind of loud that leaves your ears ringing for an hour. I’ll probably be deaf before I turn 50 but it’ll be worth it. Music is always my first stop when I’m struggling with something, or having a bad day. The right song, at the right volume, at the right time? There’s nothing better than that.

What's your favorite writing tip?

Stop trying to be perfect. I think every writer dreams of the day they can write something from start to finish that’s so great no giant changes are needed. (Or that might just be me. I hate editing.) But I think when we dwell too much on making what we’re writing absolutely spotless we miss out on the messy bits that later turn into the things we love most about our books.

What bands do you go geeky for, both when writing or just relaxing?

I would trade a finger for tickets to a Maroon 5 concert. My husband is in the Air Force and we’re stationed in the middle of nowhere, which means I haven’t seen a concert in years, so I’m not even kidding. I’ll give you a finger!

But I also LOVE Safetysuit, Avicii, The Cab, Marianas Trench, My Chemical Romance, Ed Sheeran, Sleeping At Last, and Neon Trees.

What's your ideal kind of casual Friday?

Soft pajamas, binge-watching Netflix with an unlimited supply of Earl Grey tea and sour gummy straws.

Who's your dream interview subject for YAMisfits?

Hmmm. It’s a tossup between Jane Austen and Maggie Stiefvater. But since one is dead, and the other is being amazing and painting her cars, I guess it would be a pretty easy decision. I’ve been a fan of Austen since I read Pride & Prejudice after high school and fell in love with Mr. Darcy. I think all of my love interests are variations of him, and I don’t even care. But Maggie has this amazing ability to suck you so completely into her world with only a few sentences and I admire that so much. THE SCORPIO RACES is one of my all-time favorite books. I’ve read it about a dozen times.

What are some of the best books you've read recently, and which ones are you looking forward to?

I have this issue with reading and editing. It doesn’t affect me when I’m drafting, but if I read while I edit it totally screws me up. I have no idea why. And since I’ve been editing for almost a year now, all it would take is a slight wind and my TBR pile would topple over and kill me. :-(

However, I’m seriously itching for RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard, IN A HANDFUL OF DUST by Mindy McGinnis, and GATES OF THREAD AND STONE by Lori M. Lee. I also got a package this week with SIEGE AND STORM and RUIN AND RISING by Leigh Bardugo, and I’ll be devouring those as soon as I possibly can.

With any luck, I’ll be making a major dent in that TBR pile very soon. 

Enjoy your Friday, Misfiteers, and thanks for spending a little slice of it with me. I'm honored and super excited to be a Misfit! If you have any questions you'd like to ask, feel free to leave them in the comments! 


Leandra Wallace said...

Great interview! I'm a huge Maggie fan, too, lady is incredible. Did you see the news on her blog about The Scorpio Races being turned into a movie?!?! Can. not. wait. And yup, if a genie could grant me one writing wish, it'd be to plop out an almost flawless story at first try. One can always dream, right? =)

erica m. chapman said...

Great interview! I love THE SCORPIO RACES!!

Julia Rozer said...

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