November 19, 2014

Confessions of a Slow-Drafting Plotser

Good Morning, Misfiteers!

So it's November, which means NaNo is upon us. Or, when you're me, it's that time of year when you look at Twitter with one eye closed.


Because while other people are throwing themselves into their writing and producing like nobody's business, I'm still eeking out maybe 1K per day.

I've talked before about being a slow drafter, but I'm never more self-conscious about it than during NaNoWriMo. I feel particularly defective when I see so many people effectively putting the pedal to the metal, and I just... can't.

It's my writing downfall. It always will be. But here's what I've learned from it.

1) Any words are better than no words at all

2) Beating yourself up won't help anything. Neither will comparing yourself to other people.

3) Number 2 is way easier said than done

4) But if you're at least happy with the words you've written, then take quality over quantity and be freaking psyched about. You've earned it.

5) Not happy with the quality OR the quantity? Just remember this:

How about you? What puts your writing inadequacies in the spotlight? How do you beat them into submission?


tawney13 said...

I totally feel slower than the other writers out there. I try not to get negative about it. But I'm building one word at a time to make something. Hopefully it comes out great.

Dahlia Adler said...

I swear, I'm usually SO much better, but this year...yeah, eking out 1K is a good night for me. I don't know if it's just because I wasn't ready to write this book yet or I outlined badly or I'm distracted by other book promotion, but I hate hate hate NaNo this year. And, uh, I guess I don't deal with it super well, so, no advice from me.

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