November 7, 2014

Casual Friday: Take Care

We're a week in NaNoWriMo! Have you survived? Is your word count making you brag-tweet or are you curled into a corner in despair? You know what matters more than your word count during NaNo?


This is a rant I go on with alarming frequency and yet it still needs to be said. You need to take care of you. There seems to be something within the nature of creative people that tells us our bodies are unimportant. That what we create is more important than our well-being. We push ourselves because that's how great art is made.

Challenges like NaNo are fun. The adrenaline rush is unrivaled. I wrote my debut NaNo style and I remember typing like fiend that last day, desperate to reach my word count. I skipped sleep and social interactions and pushed my body to its physical limits. And I loved every minute of it!

But there is also a place where you need to be gentle with yourself. You need to care for the vessel that carries that precious brain of yours. When your eyes ache, you can to let them rest. When the carpal tunnel starts acting up, it's okay to stop. Sleep, exercise, eat well. Have meaningful conversations with the people you care about. And don't feel guilty when you're not doing ENOUGH.

I believe is the value of YOU. I believe in hot lattes and bacon-covered doughnuts. I believe in salads and sleeping till noon. I believe in nights out and nights in. I believe that each of you know what you need and that if you listen to your heart and your body, you will do amazing things.

When you care for yourself - body, mind and soul - you are better for it and so is your writing. So enjoy NaNo. Enjoy pushing yourself and discovering what you're capable of. But also remember that you have value and when it's too much, that's okay too.

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