August 27, 2014

Writing Club Wednesday: Writer's Block and Inspiration (or, Finding Balance)

Good morning, Misfiteers!

It's Wednesday, and I don't know about any of the rest of you, but here the weather has made that detour into autumn. School started last week, the air is crisper, and we've even had snow dust the higher peaks around us.

None of which has anything to do with my topic today. Or does it? I've talked about pushing past the block and getting yourself writing before, but I wanted to hit up the flip-side today, because I realized something recently. Sometimes you don't have writer's block because the words won't come. Sometimes, you get it because there are just too many words. Yeah, that's right. Too many ideas. It's not something I thought was possible, but it is. I've been struggling with it all summer.

I have too many stories in my head, and they're all fighting over who gets to come out. Which, for a pantser like me, is really not helpful. Really.

The trouble is inspiration. It's everywhere. People. Dreams. Shows. Books. Music. Everyday, inanimate objects. Family. Work. Oh, the inspiration I get from work. The ideas are out there, everywhere. So I'm learning new tricks. My notebooks have become invaluable. I have scenes scribbled that I have no idea what story they belong to. I've learned that even when I'm swamped with work, I have to make myself stop and write. Just for an hour. A half hour. Five minutes. Sketch out a scene. Do something. Otherwise, all those ideas will just keep piling up.

And it's tricky. Growing as a writer sometimes means that more than just our writing grows. Balancing life and words is never easy, but it seems the further we progress in our writing careers, sometimes the less time we have. Take the moments. Write every day. I know, some days it just isn't possible to sit down and write. Too much going on, too little energy. I know. So pull open that notepad, Evernote, phone app, napkin, whatever. Write a sentence. Write a word. Anything.

Your inspiration will thank you.


Anonymous said...

Too many ideas, yes. They are impatient trains lined up in a crowded station. I need a ten-year sabbatical to write. Just ten years. Is that so much to ask?

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