July 24, 2014

Band Geek Thursday: BETWEEN by Megan Whitmer

Nearly two years ago, in September 2012, I was very deep in rewrites for the manuscript I'd been working on for over a year, Between. I posted a playlist for it then--a super long one that I'd been adding to since I'd written the very first scene a year earlier.

Fast forward three months, and I was signing a contract with Spencer Hill Press and beginning a fairly major revision process. I edited the playlist along with my book, cutting songs that no longer fit and adding those that did.

Between comes out in less than a week, and while it's an entirely different book than it was in September 2012, the major elements remain the same. The same goes for the playlist. It's much shorter now, with some brand new songs, but a few songs have been constants from the beginning. Song lyrics have a way of sticking with me. Sometimes just one line in a song can be enough to land it on one of my playlists. I'll highlight a few of them here!

"I'll be your shelter, I'll be your storm; I'll make you shiver, I'll keep you warm." - Be Your Everything, Boys Like Girls
This line is so very Seth that it immediately landed on my Between playlist. Seth is tender and loyal, and fiercely protective of Charlie, and everything about this song makes me think of the two of them.

"Every lesson forms a new scar. You never thought you'd make it this far." - Eyes Open, Taylor Swift
This is another one that's been there from the very start. Charlie's world is ripped apart at the beginning of the book, and she loses sight of who she can trust. She has to basically re-learn everything she thought she knew, and form new relationships in a world that is full of secrets. She feels alone a lot of the time, and I love the way the lyrics of this song really capture those emotions.

"Please please please, no apologies. At best they buy you time til you next step out of line." - Please Please Please, Fiona Apple
Charlie goes through a hell of a lot in this book--a lot of change and a lot of loss. On top of that, she feels an enormous amount of responsibility for everything that's gone wrong for everyone she encounters. She knows she has the power to fix everything, but she isn't always sure she has the ability, if that makes sense. What I love about her is the way she keeps going, even with all the obstacles thrown in her way, because she continues to believe that one way or another, things will work out.

"You put your arms around me and I'm home." - Arms, Christina Perri
Between's playlist wouldn't be complete without a reference to Seth's arms. He is stable and safe, which is one of my most favorite things about him. When Charlie's lost everything, he is her one constant. Sigh. I sure do love that boy.


If you're interested in learning more about Between, you can find information and buy links here!


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