June 23, 2014

Monday Pep Rally: Beach Reads

Since we've all gotten so used to getting our thoughts down in 140 characters - and it's fun to keep the conversation flowing - we've take the Pep Rally to twitter! Every Monday, we host a twitter chat and we'd love you to join in. Just keep an eye out for the #MisfitPepRally hashtag!

It's official. After the solstice this weekend, summer is finally here! The skies are blue, the beach is calling, and its one of my favorite times of the year. 

Time for beach reads! 

You know, those summer books you curl up with in the hammock, or while you're lounging by the lake. The ones that are best with a frosty drink and some suntan lotion. These are some of the best books you'll read all year, because you're on vacation!

I already have a stack of books as high as my hip to get through. What beach reads are you guys looking forward to this summer?


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