June 24, 2014

Happy Book Birthday to BEHIND THE SCENES!

In case you didn't know (have you been living under a rock??), our very own Dahlia Adler's funny, swoony, sexy debut, BEHIND THE SCENES, releases today.

Who should read this book? Fans of sweet, sexy romance. Anybody interested in Hollywood. Readers who like complex, imperfect-but-relatable characters. People who like hot boys with six-packs. Readers who like friendships that are just as important and gorgeously written as any romance.  Anybody who wants to have a really fun time reading a great book!

If this sounds like you, get thee to a bookstore (or to your Kindle), because BEHIND THE SCENES is finally out in the world!!

CONGRATULATIONS, DAHL!!! We Misfits are so happy for you, and so, so excited to see BtS making its way into the hands of readers. <3333


erica m. chapman said...

AHHHH!!!! So happy to see this out in the world <3333 CONGRATS, Dahl!!

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