March 5, 2014

Writing Club Wednesday: Best Writing Advice

Hi Misfiteers,

Happy Wednesday! So, I was having some trouble on what to blog about this week and I went to my favorite place (twitter) and asked. One of the suggestions was to blog about the best writing advice I've received. I thought that was a great idea! I'm sure there are many others I could highlight, but these are the ones that popped into my mind.

Every character has their own story independent from your MC - I've always loved this one. It's helped me more times than any other piece of advice I've received on the craft of writing. You know that sister you tossed in for good measure? She better have a reason to be in your story other than a sounding board for your MC.

"Get rid of the cats" - What this means is, ask yourself if your hero has too many qualities. This can be good or bad, but the abundance of skill and powers shouldn't overwhelm what you want the character to represent.

Listen to all opinions about your book and think about the possibilities, but in the end, make the decision you trust is best for your story - It can be hard to listen to someone when they have an opinion about your book you don't agree with, but everyone is a reader and their opinions are valid. It doesn't mean that you have to apply them to your story, but there is something you can take out of every critique someone gives you--something you can learn from.

Patience is a virtue - I know it's old school, but it's so important. It's also something I've heard on multiple occasions. The need to get everything done NOW is ever present, especially in this business, but waiting can be the smartest thing a writer can do sometimes. It's never waiting anyway, because you're probably writing, reading, living your life.

If you're bored, the reader is too - We've all been there. You're reading your own MS or someone's book and you reach that point where you'd rather skim it than read it. Trust this feeling in your own writing and change those words to something you'd want to read.

Honesty goes a long way - I'm not sure what else I can say about this one. Everyone makes mistakes. I've had typos in my queries, I've sent an email without an attachment before. It happens. The key is to be honest about the mistakes we make.

If you're not at the point where you're sick of that MS you once loved, you haven't revised enough - 'nuff said ;o)

Never compare your beginning to someone else's middle - I wrote a whole blog post on this one piece of advice. It totally changed how I looked at my career and life. The thing is, everyone has to start somewhere. We're all in different stages, so comparing your path to someone else's will only lead to disappointment. Celebrate those small victories and embrace the changes that come.

What do you think, Misfiteers? Any advice you'd like to share?

Tune in tomorrow for an AWESOME Band Geek Thursday guest post from author MG Buehrlen for her novel, THE 57 LIVES OF ALEX WAYFARE! You don't want to miss this one ;o)

Have a great week!


Jamie Krakover said...

Thanks for sharing! This is some awesome advice! :)

erica m. chapman said...

Thanks for visiting! Happy to share ;o)

Shannon said...

These are terrific, and so, so true!! My fav is the one about patience, probably because it's the one that I'm forever struggling to embrace.

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