March 14, 2014


Today is an extra, super exciting day for me. Not only is it Friday, but THE ART OF FALLING, my YA contemp romance, is currently part of Amazon's March Big Deal, so for the next 16 days, you can pick up your very own copy of THE ART OF FALLING for only $1.99! To celebrate,  I'm giving away three copies of the eBook AND one copy of the audiobook. Just enter the rafflecopter :)

The journey to publication has been long, weird, and totally amazing. I have yet to get over the thrill of knowing other people are reading my book. I wouldn't be here without the support of my fellow Misfits and all of you, our lovely readers. Lots of hugs, colorful hair dye & Skittles for all!


For seventeen-year-old Bria Hale, image is everything. She’s a militant vegan with purple hair, Doc Martens and a permanent scowl. Kissing captain of the football team Ben Harris? Definitely not part of that image.

Now with each secret kiss, she’s falling deeper for the boy every girl at Oceanside High is crushing on. Throw in a few forbidden bacon cheeseburgers and she’s facing one major identity crisis.

Ignoring Ben should be easy, but when a flashy display of artistic spirit lands her in close quarters after hours with the boy she’s too cool to like, she can’t keep pretending those kisses meant nothing. With her reputation and her heart on a collision course, Bria must either be true to herself or to the persona she’s spent all of high school creating.

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Sandra said...

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