March 17, 2014

Monday Pep Rally: Must (Literally) Reads

Since we've all gotten so used to getting our thoughts down in 140 characters - and it's fun to keep the conversation flowing - we've take the Pep Rally to twitter! Every Monday, we host a twitter chat and we'd love you to join in. Just keep an eye out for the #MisfitPepRally hashtag!

It's been about 10 years since I graduated college (ugh, that sounds like so long!) and I am sad to say it's also been that long since I've had any kind of mandatory reading. No book clubs or class or anything that would force me beyond my usual reading habits. I've had occasional recommendations from friends that I wouldn't pick up otherwise, but even those are because I choose to read them.

Truth me told, I miss mandatory reading. I miss being forced to read ./ and genres and subjects I'm not normally drawn to. Some of my favorite books (THE SUN ALSO RISES, BLUES PEOPLE, SPEAK, THE WEIGHT OF GLORY) came to me as required reading. Sadly, it can also go the other way (I've never enjoyed HARRY POTTER thanks to a college lit class), but mostly I'm grateful the books that were pushed on me.

In lieu of signing up for a lit class at the local community college, I'd like to know what books you're glad you were forced to read. What required reading would you now recommend?

Head on over to twitter and use the #MisfitPepRally hashtag to share your favorites!


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