March 7, 2014

Friday Reads: Misfit Edition

The other day I was trolling through the YA Misfit Site, and I couldn't help staring at Our Books page. I’m seriously lucky to be surrounded here on the YA Misfits by an astounding amount of talent. I can’t even tell you how proud I am to be friends with these ladies. 

Since it's Friday and I love the Friday Reads meme, today I wanted to talk a little about the Misfit books that are currently available that you might want to add to your list, and those that are coming SOON. 

It’s always amazing to me to see the wide variety of genres and types of books we all write. From contemporary romance to science fiction, I think there’s pretty much something for everyone on this list!

What the Misfits have Already Published

2013 was a great year for the Misfits. We had SIX books come out! We’ve also started the new year off right with a few more new books, and there are more to come in 2014! We are a prolific bunch!

So here are some already published gems from my fellow Misfits you can add to your Friday Reads list:

Cait Greer

Cait writes amazing books – steamy, romantic, full of adventure. And her two newest books don’t disappoint.

Eyre House is a New Adult Contemporary Romance with a southern Gothic feel.

Add it to Goodreads here!
Buy it here

ParaWars Uprising is a New Adult paranormal, and full of romance, adventure and gargoyles!

Add it to Goodreads here!
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Jamie Grey

Ultraviolet Catastrophe is a YA Sci-fi romance about a girl who discovers her parents have drugged her to keep her average, and who must use her new smarts to save her school from a plot to destroy the world, while trying to resist the resident genius.

Add it to Goodreads here!
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The Star Thief is a New Adult Sci-Fi romance and has a kick ass heroine who has to decide whether to save herself or save the day.

Add it to Goodreads here!  
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Jenny Kaczorowski

Jenny’s book – The Art of Falling is a gorgeous contemporary romance with a militant vegan heroine, and swoony football captain, and lots of fun.

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Leigh Ann Kopans

Leigh Ann has three books out. Her first two belong to the One World series. One and Two are YA Sci-fi, with a twisty plot, some super-cool sci-fi action, and a heavy dose of romance.
Add One to Goodreads here!
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Add Two to Goodreads here! Buy Two here!

Her newest book – Solving for Ex is a contemporary retelling of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park about Mathletes, romance, and the pitfalls of high school.

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What’s Coming in 2014

As if those amazing books weren’t enough, the Misfits have SO many amazing books still to come! And lucky for you, some of them are right around the corner!

Dahlia Adler’s Behind the Scenes will be available June 24th.  

This is one of those books you’re going to fall in love with – a YA contemporary with a movie star hero, a swoony romance, and a heroine you want to be best friends with.  

Megan Whitmer’s YA Fantasy Between is coming July 29th.

Between is a romp through a magical world, with a heroine who’s still trying to figure herself out, trying not to fall for a guy she can’t have, and trying to save everyone she loves.
And it’s available for pre-order too! 

What’s coming in 2015

And last but hardly least, in 2015, we have two more books scheduled. I can't believe I have to wait that long to get my hands on these.But they're totally worth the wait!

The Circle of Twelve by Maggie Hall. An amazing YA Adventure/Romance with two sexy heroes, a heroine who may not be who she seems, and a powerful secret society hiding a conspiracy that could change the world.
Add it to Goodreads here!

And the astonishing Ask Again Later by Chessie Zappia about the ultimate unreliable narrator, a schizophrenic teenage girl unable to tell the difference between reality and delusion who discovers -- thanks to her Magic 8-Ball, her little sister, and a boy she thought was imaginary -- that sometimes there really is someone out to get you.
Add it to Goodreads here!

I also know for a fact that there are some other really amazing books by my talented fellow Misfits out there, so you know there will be more of these posts to come! 

So to recap all the great Misfit books available:

Contemporary - Eyre House*, The Art of Falling, Solving for Ex, Behind the Scenes (pre-order)
Fantasy/Paranormal - ParaWars: Uprising*, Between (pre-order)
Sci-fi - Ultraviolet Catastrophe, The Star Thief*, One, and Two

How about you guys? What are your Friday reads this week??

*New Adult Books - contain sexual situations



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