February 19, 2014

Writing Club Wednesday: 5 Tools to Organize your Writing (and Real) Life

I admit it, I am feeling completely overwhelmed lately with all of the things I have to do between my day job and my writing job. 
I'm usually a spreadsheet/list maker, but those weren't cutting it, so I decided to look for something else that might help me keep all my crazy things in order. And after a little digging, I found there are a staggering amount of ways to track and calendar. 
But, I've tried a few of these (though not all). Some of them worked for me, some didn't, but we all have our own style. Maybe one of these will work for you guys if you're having the same issues I am! (Note - some of these are available as apps for your smart phone as well as online versions)

Wunderlist - A free online task management tool that also has apps for iPhones, Android, and Kindle. You can share tasks with other people and collaborate as well. Seems like a pretty cool site and tool. The interface is fairly simple and intuitive and it's easy to read. Also has reminders and notifications like you'd expect. There's also a paid version with a lot more features.

Trello - Also free. This one uses an index card type interface to organize multiple projects and task streams. You can color code things and put them in different statuses. I use this one a lot. I'm super visual so I love being able to see at a glance where things are in the process. You can also attach files right to the cards so everything is stored in the same place and available when you need it.

Evernote - I know a ton of people who use evernote to take notes (I use it too!) but it can also be a task management tool, depending on how you set up folders and documents. Its great for storing a ton of info in one place and creating checklists and keeping in sync across devices. You can even share folders with people to share content, lists, and data.

Remember the Milk - Another task management app available on pretty much every platform. The cool thing is that it can integrate with Evernote, Twitter, Outlook and others, so you can create tasks from pretty much anywhere. 

Todoist - This one looks pretty cool but I haven't used it yet. It has a browser based checklist, that also transfers across devices. You can access it both on and offline, and organize by day, week, month or year. It also has collaboration with other users, which can be really useful amongst CPs!

So there are a few options to keep you more organized. Now I just need to pick one and actually use it! Do you guys have any secrets to staying organized?


Dahlia Adler said...

Love this, Jamie! Evernote just made my LIFE this morning - I outlined five chapters on the subway, and knowing they'll be on my computer when I get home is nothing short of infreakingcredible. Looking forward to checking out the others! Trello in particular sounds awesome.

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