January 10, 2014

Casual Friday: Dear Pre-Writing-A-Book Me (including fun GIFS)

Hi Misfiteers,
I hope you are all staying warm where you are! It's colder than a polar bear's butt up in here. So, since it's casual Friday I decided to take a risk and change it up. Today, I'm talking to me 6 years ago and I'm telling her all the things she should know about her future. So here we go. *ahem*

Dear Pre-Writing-A-Book-Me,
You know how when you read those Janet Evanovich novels and you decided to try writing a book after years of saying you will? It's going to be what sets you free. And you're actually going to be pretty good at it.

No, really!

I get it. You have no self esteem right now. But you will be better than you think. BUT. It's going to take a lot of hard work and YEARS to get better at writing. So get comfortable.

Oh! In 2009, this thing called NaNo is going to change your life. You'll write your first YA novel and you'll find your voice. This is IMPORTANT. This is what will distinguish you from other writers. This is how you know you should write YA. You'll start to read a few blogs, write your own, and begin using twitter. Twitter will be your favorite place.

You'll find some great friends who will be there for you. These friendships are going to be the most important part of your writing sanity.

Speaking of that sanity problem. You're going to lose focus and get frustrated. AND get rejected. A lot.

You're going to get impatient and you're going to check your email constantly. I mean CONSTANTLY. 

You're going to have close-calls... that will make you feel like quitting...

But you won't. Because you will never love something as much as you love writing. You'll watch your friends get book deals and you'll celebrate with them and cheer until your fingers are sore from typing.

You won't get jealous because it's not worth it and that is their plan, their destiny. 

Just keep writing and your time will come. And remember these wise words... Don't EVER compare your beginning to someone else's middle.

It is. And you're going to love it! Embrace what makes you unique and don't forget to READ!

You 6 years in the future

Okay, Misfiteers, what about you? What would your letter look like?


Linda Budzinski said...

My letter about 10 years ago would have been very similar.

Now, six years ago ... I would have had to tell myself to adjust my expectations. The first novel I wrote, and the first query I wrote for it, landed me my first agent. Felt pretty darned good about my chances at a quick sale at that point. Didn't happen. In fact, NO sale happened. Took five more years and two more manuscripts. But it's been worth it, for many reasons.

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