December 11, 2013

Yearbook Meeting #6: Yearbook Club

Hey, Misfiteers! Welcome to our new monthly feature in which you can get to know the girls behind the argyle a little better by attending one of our "Yearbook Meetings!" This month's meeting is of the Yearbook Club, and here's what we're discussing:

What'd you accomplish this year?

I sold my first book (BEHIND THE SCENES) in a three-book deal, wrote another contemp YA standalone that I absolutely love, signed with my new agent, wrote 70K of a new contemp NA standalone (and 25K of another that'll probably get largely scrapped, but still!), wrote 50K of my follow-up to BEHIND THE SCENES during NaNoWriMo, did some revisions to the first book in a contemp NA series I wrote a bunch of years ago, started copyediting for Spencer Hill Contemp, and copyedited a ton of books for Ellora's Cave, as well as some self-published books. So, fun and busy year, and I look forward to seeing what comes next! ~Dahlia

This year, my first book sold (with some foreign rights!). I wrote the first two books of what I hope will some day be a three-book series of companion novels. I came up with a ton of new ideas, some of them for new stories and some of them for old. I wrote another contemporary YA, which I was positive would never happen again, and I actually kind of like it. I also finished two more semesters of college, which, while not a massive accomplishment, I am still counting. Long live the student writer. ~Chessie

I sold my YA fantasy, Between, to Spencer Hill Press, and completed outlines for the remaining two books in the trilogy. I attended BEA for the first time, where I got to meet my editor and lots of my favorite authors. I finally started my YA romance and made a pile of notecards on a couple other book ideas. I bought lots of books and read a few. I spent so much time revising this year, I'm focusing on balance in 2014. I have to find a way to write and live a life at the same time! ~Megan

I made the leap to self-publishing this year, releasing my New Adult gothic Eyre House in July, and ParaWars: Uprising (the first in a New Adult paranormal trilogy) just in time for Halloween. I also started formatting books for other self-published authors. Unfortunately, it's been a difficult year personally, and my writing has really suffered, but I'm getting back on track for the end of the year, and I have a lot of new ideas and new WIPs I've started, both New Adult and Young Adult. I'm really looking forward to finishing them! ~Cait

I sold my debut YA contemp romance, THE ART OF FALLING, to Bloomsbury Publishing's brand new digital imprint, Bloomsbury Spark. As part of the launch list, FALLING is one of the very first books published through this new venture. There have been some other exciting developments related to all of that, but I can't talk about them quite yet! I've also written about 36k on a follow up book, set in the same high school. I hope to finish by the end of the year.  ~Jenny


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