November 13, 2013

Yearbook Meeting #5: Track Team

Hey, Misfiteers! Welcome to our new monthly feature in which you can get to know the girls behind the argyle a little better by attending one of our "Yearbook Meetings!" This month's meeting is of the Track Team, and here's what we're discussing:

In the spirit of NaNoWriMo, what's your favorite strategy for writing fast?

I'm usually more of a pantser, but for NaNo, I'm allll about the outlines. BEHIND THE SCENES was a NaNo book, and I had an eleven-page single-spaced outline for it! It really helps keep me on track, and even though it feels like it allows for a little less creativity, I think it's good to balance that with discipline every now and again. Especially when you have a contract and you're on deadline! ~Dahlia

I'm a total pantser. This is my fourth NaNo, so I've created a pattern that seems to work. I have a general idea about where it's going. I typically write more of the 50K in the first couple weeks. Since I'm sitting on an idea before NaNo begins there's that anticipation factor which drives those first couple weeks of words. It's at the end of the month that I need more motivating! Also, I try not to read what I wrote, it slows me down ;o) ~Erica

Write Or Die. Write Or Die. And a little bit of Write Or Die. But in all seriousness: Write Or Die helps if I'm stuck in a rut and need to power through it, but usually I get the most done by having a full outline of the story--not necessarily perfectly in order or detailed down to the last scene change, but a full outline that gives me some idea of where the plot is headed when I'm starting to slow down. Plus, it reminds me of all the scenes I'm excited to write. ~Chessie

I'm with Chessie in that I also write after making a full outline of the story when I have a  time constraint like NaNoWriMo. It doesn't necessarily have every detail about the draft but it has enough that I can use it to figure out what I'm supposed to be writing and make the most use of my writing time. It's also a good way to remember realy cool scenes that I might have come up with before (while doing non-writing things) but forgot after jotting them down on the outline. ~Lyla

Outlines, outlines, and even more detailed outlines! When I try to pants while I'm writing quickly, I just end up frustrated as scenes change and meander, and the perfectionist in me won't allow me to go forward when what I've written so far is a mess or doesn't line up with the story's forward motion. A general outline helps me know that the general direction I'm headed is the right one, and a more detailed outline keeps me on track within a scene and able to concentrate on getting the words on the page. ~Maggie

I'm another Misfits Outliner.  I need to know where the story is going before I can start drafting it. Not down to the tiniest details, but enough that I can let my subconscious do the heavy lifting. I'm also a HUGE fan of Write Or Die, like Chessie. If I need massive wordcount for the day, I do a couple of sprints and I can usually get there. ~Jamie

I've always been a pantser, but this year I started with a pretty general three-page outline. That's made a big difference. Even though, as a pantser, I usually have an idea of where I'm going--the outline has really helped me to stay focused and keep from writing myself into a corner. (So far.) ~Megan

I'm not a fast writer at all because I'm very meticulous with my drafts, but with my current WiP I gave myself a deadline and not over-thinking things is really helping me stay on track. I have to keep reminding myself to GET THE WORDS DOWN, because I can always add, subtract, and revise later. Knowing that I'll have to find a job soon is also lighting a serious fire under my rear end! ~Gina

I'll put in another vote for outlines. And character profiles. And world histories. I absolutely cannot function without them. I need to know what happens, otherwise I'll end up floundering and rewriting. ~Marieke

I do a lot of writing on my phone, using the Evernote app. It syncs to my laptop and allows me to write whenever, wherever. I wrote my upcoming debut, THE ART OF FALLING, in about a month and I'd guess 1/3 of that writing happened on my phone. ~Jenny

I'm REALLY bad at writing on a deadline, at least any deadline I give myself. I'm a complete pantser, and I'm a very muse-driven writer, so if I need to write fast, I have to really find good inspiration. Music, quiet space, anything and everything I can do to encourage the muse. ~Cait


Fida Islaih said...

I like what Cait said. I'm just like that. Yet for this NaNo (since in the past I never got past 7k) I wrote a two page outline that seems to be helping a bit. Thank you!

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