November 4, 2013

Monday Pep Rally: 2013 TBR Countdown

If you'll recall, we've changed up our format a little bit for these posts. Because we've all gotten so used to getting our thoughts down in 140 characters, we're taking the discussion to twitter! Every Monday, we'll be talking about our Pep Rally question on twitter and we'd love you to join in. Just keep an eye out for the #MisfitPepRally hashtag!

Holy cow - did you guys realize it's November?? I can't even. That means it's NaNoWriMo, and Thanksgiving's coming, and, this year, it means Chanukah's coming too - SO MANY THINGS.

It also means there's only two months left to cram in all the books on your 2013 TBR.

October was an insanely huge book-buying month for me: I bought 26 books in hard copy alone. (I haven't idea how many ebooks I purchased. Such is the danger of the 1-click!) I was also lucky enough to snag a bunch of incredible ARCs, so yeah, it's was a really, really solid reading month! And I'm determined to keep up the good reads through the end of 2013. So here's the YA I've bought/received in the past six months or so and haven't quite gotten to yet but am determined to read by the end of the year:

DAIRY QUEEN by Catherine Gilbert Murdoch
IF I TELL by Janet Gurtler
CINDER by Marissa Meyer
DON'T BREATHE A WORD by Holly Cupala

So, that's what's on my remained-of-2013 YA TBR; tell us here or on #MisfitPepRally - what's on yours??


Stephsco said...

Cinder is really great. I read If I Tell almost exclusively at the gym on my phone via the Nook app. I like having a back up book on my ereader in case I'm somewhere without something to read. I still want to read Dairy Queen.

I am sifting through my freebie books from RWA's national conference this summer. I was really selective and still ended up with about 40 books, many of which I've passed on to other romance fans, a few to a blogger for contests and a few more to my library. I'll give a book 20-40 pages, but some are just not for me and I'd rather pass them on and read something I want to read.

Like the 100 books on my Goodreads list!

I really want to get to Rose Under Fire and Fault Line this fall.

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