September 4, 2013

Sophomore year, Misfiteers!

Hey Misfiteers!


Can you believe how time has flown by? It feels like only months ago that we were talking behind the scenes about creating YA Misfits, and SO MUCH has changed since those initial emails.

We have Real Actual Books Happening!
  • In December, Misfit Maggie kicked off the year with the very first Misfit sale: her stunning YA international thriller trilogy to Putnam/Penguin!
  • In January, Misfit Megan sold her hilariously awesome BETWEEN to Spencer Hill Press! (Holy Sheet!) 
  • In February, Misfit Leigh Ann announced her plans to self-publish ONE--and it immediately became a YA superhero hit in June, with TWO to follow later this year.
  • In March, Misfit Chessie sold ASK AGAIN LATER to Greenwillow, taking her first step to breaking readers' hearts all over the world.
  • In April, Misfit Dahlia sold her BEHIND THE SCENES--and more importantly, Liam's abs--to Spencer Hill Contemporary. 
  • Also in April, Misfit Cait announced she'd be publishing the chilling, gothic EYRE HOUSE as NA, and it's been rocking the NA shelves since July!
  • In June, Misfit Jamie announced her plans to self-publish her YA sci-fi, ULTRAVIOLET CATASTROPHE, which will be available to everyone in September!
  • In July, Misfit Leigh Ann announced another book--SOLVING FOR EX, about to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Mansfield Park. (Mathletes ftw!)
  • While in August, Misfit Jenny sold her sweet YA contemporary romance, THE EXTRAORDINARY ART OF FALLING, to Bloomsbury Spark, as part of their inaugural line! 
  • And happily, Misfit Cait is also diving into NA Paranormal territory with the announcement of ParaWars: Uprising. Gargoyles coming to a bookshelf near you in October! 

Some of us Signed With Agents! Misfit Dahlia signed with Lana Popovic at Zachary Shuster Harmsworth, and Misfit Marieke signed with Jen Udden at DMLA!

We hosted PitchWars to much Acclaim, Agents, and Book Deals!

We've had International Misfit Meet-ups! (And represented in Misfit Argyle!) From left to right: Maggie, Marieke, Dahlia & Gina.

And most of all, we have YOU--our amazing Misfiteers! Little over a year ago, YAMF was only a wild idea for all of us, and now look at you shiny people all being here! YAY! You're all amazing, and we're so happy to share our journey through the world of publishing with you!

How has your Misfiteer freshman year been?


J.A. Ward said...

It's so crazy what a difference a year can mean! Congrats to you all!! :)

Nikki Diehm said...

Congrats, everyone! Just keep being the amazing inspirations that you already are!

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