September 20, 2013

Casual Friday: Fall Manuscripts, or How the Seasons Affect my Writing

MISFITEERS! It's fall! 

I had a few other post ideas lined up this week, but with all the rain storms outside and the heater blazing, there's nothing else I want to write about! Fall! Do you know what that means? Pumpkin spice lattes! Pumpkin spice cupcakes! Rain! Storm! Hot tea! Perfect writing weather!

So, like, I kind of love fall.

And although I love writing all year round, there's something about the gloomy darkness of fall that makes sitting down with manuscripts--or books to read--that much better. But not just *all* manuscripts. I've come to realize that my shiny new ideas and my favorite reads change with the season.

When the days become longer, and the weather hotter, I love to work on contemporary stories. Then, when summer sets in, I prefer my stories to be more mysterious, adventurous, and more magical. Either thrillers, or magical realism. And slowly, my fall and winter stories sneak up on me. These last couple, once the weather turned, I invariably got the urge to read and write fantasy and other speculative fiction. Secondary worlds, new planets, epic battles and broad scopes, everything that's just as immersive as curling up near the heater with a blanket and a nice cup of latte. (Though let's be honest, obviously I love fantasy all year round.)

And once the sun breaks through the ice again, the whole circle starts all over again. *g*

Which obviously makes me wonder:

Do you have seasonal stories? Do you turn to different books when the leaves fall? Or do you just as happily write the same type of stories as in, say, sunny June? 


Anonymous said...

This is me exactly. All this summer my brain's been dying to spin out fun contemporary stories, but now that it's getting cooler over here, all my fantasy plot bunnies are coming back to life. And they're tough to stop playing with. Don't tell, Dahl. :)

Alice said...

Oh my, yes! I thought I was the only one! In summer, I don't always tend to get inspiration for stories, and when they do come they're usually historical or contemporary. In autumn/winter, though, it's like my brain is stuck permanently in Halloween mode, and my writings get very dark and twisted, and I feverishly try to write stuff that is both Beautiful and Grotesque.

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