September 19, 2013

Band Geek Thursday: Lyla's Playlist for THE ROCKET BABY DOLLS (#RockBandNovel)

For this Band Geek Thursday, I'm bringing a little rock and roll to your Thursday morning with the playlist for my current WIP, THE ROCKET BABY DOLLS (aka #RockBandNovel, as I'm prone to calling it on Twitter.)

Music always plays a huge role in how I write my novels, but this playlist is a little different in that it played a key role in how I shaped the "aural world" of the novel. When I first set off to write the manuscript, I was overwhelmed at the prospect of writing this project (even though I really wanted to write something like this for a long time) since it's essentially about four teens that form a garage rock band in the quest to find meaning in their lives and the life-changing relationships they form along the way (read: romance. But there's also some bromance involved, too). 

This is also my first straight-up contemporary novel (I usually write fantasy/sci-fi/thrillers/etc), so instead of being more focused on "EpicThingsareHappeningandIneedMusicforThemOMG!" like I usually am with my playlists, a lot of the songs in this one have more to do with the emotional journey that my MC, Lionel, embarks in the novel as well as the underground music scene that surrounds him.

So without further ado, here is the playlist for THE ROCKET BABY DOLLS! I hope you enjoy!

#RockBandNovel by Lyla Lee on Grooveshark


On his seventeenth birthday, Lionel Blackwood decides to kill himself. Haunted by the memory of his dead brother and crushed by the pressure of his overbearing, homophobic parents, Lionel can’t see a future for his current path of life. So with every intention of hurtling down to the ground like his brother did so many years ago, he goes on the roof of the school, only to see Blake Min, the blue-haired Asian boy in his class, playing the guitar.

No matter how much Lionel tries to shoo him away, Blake keeps playing, and only leaves after handing Lionel a paper calling for new members of a garage band named the Rocket Baby Dolls. Reminded of his brother’s dream of becoming a rock star, Lionel goes to the audition and gets in as the bass.

The Rocket Baby Dolls proves to be more than Lionel bargained for, and soon, he finds himself juggling band rehearsals and late night gigs along with Ivy League college applications and basketball practice. Despite the busy schedule, the Rocket Baby Dolls gives Lionel a new purpose in life, one that is only intensified by his crush on the enigmatic Blake and his friendship with the rest of the members.

But as graduation approaches and his parents encroach more and more on his life, Lionel must find a way to stay true to what he really wants. If he fails, he’ll have to go back to the life that he tried so hard to escape, and live the lie that almost killed him. 


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