May 29, 2013

Writing Club Wednesday: Writing Quirks

Hi, guys, it's been a while since I posted here.

Today for Writing Club Wednesday, I'd like to talk about writing quirks, or things that we tend to do in our writing. These don't necessarily have to be bad things (ie: bad habits such as always splitting those infinitives) but either stylistic or narrative things that tend to always reappear in our writing across multiple projects whether we realize we do it or not.

Heathcliff looking angsty as usual.
For me, personally, my number one writing quirk is probably the fact that in all the novels and short stories I've written in the past several years, there's always been at least one brooding, angsty character (usually male). This may be a villain or the male lead or even the central protagonist, but in my writing projects, this quirk always appears.

As for why this quirk might have developed, I think it's probably because I spent long summer days in middle school and beyond reading too many Victorian novels. (Jane Eyre, anyone?) That and I just love delving into these characters' heads and figuring out what caused them to be so jaded and whether or not it's possible for them to change and/or find redemption for whatever they did in the past.

That being said, I don't consider my writing quirk a bad thing, although I can see how it could be. (Byronic heroes can get a little frustrating at times.) Sure, if I had reincarnations of the same character over and over again, it'd probably get pretty dull. But each one of my characters all have their own reasons for being the way they are, their own peculiar current circumstances, and wishes/desires. Since I write primarily in the sci-fi/fantasy genre, some are even from different worlds/planets and/or aren't completely human. In short, although they may share some of the same personality traits, they are their own individual characters.

How about you, Misfiteers? Do you have a writing quirk (either a stylistic tendency or a narrative one, such as a motif) that appears in multiple (if not all) of your projects? Do you consider this quirk a bad thing or not?


Blair Thornburgh said...

Oh man. Revisions have made me realize all the little tics and idiosyncracies I blithely throw around when I'm writing. EVERYONE is shrugging, all the time. I guess my characters are just really indecisive.

On the positive side, I also put a lot of wordplay and puns in—and don't repeat the same ones over and over, thank God.

Morgan York said...

Well, I noticed fairly recently that my main character usually ends up having some sort of anxiety problem. Social anxiety, perfectionism, control issues...always some version of them. I wonder why that is...who, me, anxious? Of course not...I don't know what you're talking about...

I also tend to write about battles between the head and the heart, logic vs. emotion, etc.

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