May 10, 2013

Casual Friday: Ideas and Execution.

Greetings Misfiteers!! Happy Friday!! 

Today we're talking about ideas... through awesome GIFs, cause, why not.

For some people ideas come easy. Others? Not so much. Luckily ideas come easy to me, but it's the execution I always need help with. 

This is what I look like when I get an awesome idea...

 I get ideas in a lot of different places. TV, other books, documentaries, a friend that does something funny or weird. Conversations with other writers. A good song.

Once I try to write it though? 

Then it's more like THIS.

It's like my brain just... doesn't know what to do with a cool idea. I write through it. I try to fight that feeling that I've gone too far down a rabbit hole... BUT around 10-15K

Crap comes and it's like THIS.

Then THIS.

And eventually... something just clicks and I'm able to move past it
...most of the time and then it's like THIS.

What about you? Do your ideas always come to fruition? 

Have a great weekend!!


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