April 18, 2013

Band Geek Thursday: Recipe For a Good Writing Song.

Hello Misfiteers!!

It's Band Geek Thursday!! YAY! I hope you are all having an AWESOME week! So. I've shared two of my MS's playlists so far for BGT, but today I'm stepping away from an actual MS playlist and I'm getting into songs I write to in general and why.

It's probably no secret that I love to write to music. When I put my earbuds in something happens to the words. They transform and bend and get all magical. It's like the emotion flows from the notes onto the page.. er, the screen. There's something beautiful and symbiotic in the music/writing relationship. Sometimes I wonder if my words would be the same without music... I don't know. Who knows what happens when writers sit down at a certain moment. I mean it's like that feeling of writing at that certain time and getting that page or pages that you couldn't imagine not having in your MS and you think to yourself, I'm so glad I wrote that today. Then your mind goes through what ifs. What if I didn't write today? What if I didn't listen to that song?... Ah, that's another post entirely!

Moving on to the music part...

Recipe for Erica's perfect writing music:

Slow song - I can't write to peppy pop music. I just can't. Sorry, Lady GaGa.
Minor Chords - I've said this before but there's something about minor chords that pull that emotion out of me. It's that offness (not a word, I know) about the minor notes that really gets my fingers typing.
Low Notes - This goes along with the minor chords but it seems like my favorite writing music has low tones and voices.
Softness - Similar to the slow song reasoning, the best writing songs for me have an ethereal quality to them.
Good Lyrics - Even though I'm writing words, I still like to have great lyrics in the background.

I'm going to recycle this next part from my previous BGT post since I still feel the same ;o)

Bands I LOVE to write to and why:

The Fray - Hello. They should just call them writer's porn.
Silversun Pickups - Mellow and dreamy, but has a rock edge to it
Snow Patrol - Mellow-ish, good melodies
Coldplay - 'nuff said.
Counting Crows - August & Everything After basically lived in my CD play--I mean, iPod. Right. iPod (Who's old? Not me.) in college.
George Michael - Yep. Old school George is hard to beat if you want to weep your eyes out and make others do the same. I mean, "Mother's Pride" Listen to it and not get sad. I DARE YOU.
Howie Day - "Ghost" is such a gorgeous song- I can even (sort of) play it on the guitar. Most days.
Pearl Jam - "Black" is my crack. (ha, I rhymed) I can listen to that song for HOURS. Also, I can play it on the guitar rather well #egoclub
Radiohead - "Fake Plastic Trees" is on pretty much every one of my playlists - Oh, I play that on the guitar too, are you sensing a pattern here? LOL
John Mayer - "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room"? Beautiful writing song. Also, "Dreaming with a Broken Heart."
Sarah McLachlan - Does it get more beautiful than her voice to words? I WEEP to her songs, especially "Angel" Gah.
Metric - Acoustic Metric helps write all my MS's
Simple Plan - "Untitled" is one of the best songs. Such powerful imagery and lyrics.
Paramore - "Decode" practically wrote ANOMALY's first draft. I'm not kidding, at present it's at *consults iTunes* 862 plays O.o
Flyleaf - The emotion that comes out of Lacey's voice is beautiful. The lyrics. The musicality. Pick up the acoustic versions for writing. Perfect songs for that.

Best places to pick up new cool music?

TV - Yes, really. I've heard several awesome versions of of older songs on TV. The Following has a cool soundtrack. So You Think You Can Dance has the BEST music. Shoot, the Suburgatory finale this week had an awesome version of Toxic. I also love that The Carrie Diaries brings back some of my favorite 80's songs. AND of course, my always obsession The Vampire Diaries has a lot of cool music to be had.

Social Media - Lots of bands premiere their new videos and songs on twitter and facebook. Keep an eye out for good ones.

Word of Mouth - Your friends know great music. Often I get great tunes from my little sister. It never hurts to ask a friend what they're listening to.

I can totally understand those who don't write to music too. Silence is a beautiful thing. I love reading in silence, so I can totally understand writing in it too.

I've compiled some of my favorites on the playlist below if you're interested!

So. Do you write with music? Is it distracting to you? How does it make you feel?

Er's writing music by erica m. chapman on Grooveshark


Morgan York said...

I cannot write to music at all! I need total silence, to the point where I get annoyed about the tiniest, most insignificant noises happening around me while I write. However, I must be listening to music on a regular basis in order to get my muse going. Sometimes I pace back and forth in my kitchen listening to my iPod for an hour or so in preparation for writing. Basically, I need music for inspiration, but not during the actual act of writing.

Paramore is my writing muse!! So glad to see someone else whose writing prospers from their music as well. Did you pick up their new album that came out last Tuesday? It's absolutely brilliant. My muse is super happy with it. Decode isn't one of my favorites, but I still like it.

erica m. chapman said...

YES!!! Paramore!! One of my favorites! I haven't yet, but I will now!! That's great that your muse needs music. I guess we all have different ways of getting prepped ;o)

Thanks for stopping by ;o)

Morgan York said...


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