March 11, 2013

Monday Pep Rally: Damon or Stefan?

Happy Monday, Misfiteers!

To get our week started off right, let's all pause and just stare at Stefan and Damon for a while.... *sigh*

So. You knew it was only a matter of time before I brought out my love for a little show called, The Vampire Diaries.

I could go on and on about my love obsession for this show, but today I'm going to talk about my two main men. Damon and Stefan.

For those of you who don't watch the show (Really? Remedy that, please) Damon and Stefan are constantly at odds. It's a beautiful thing. They both love Elana and show it in different ways. They have  distinct personalities, but have a brotherly understanding.

In the literary world there are many Damons and Stefans (well, besides Damon and Stefan, of course).

The Damons are the bad boys. 

The heros that are adorably misunderstood and usually use snark as a defense mechanism. They don't want to love you for whatever reason they've concocted  My favorite "Damon" is Will, from Cassandra Clare's Infernal Devices series. Oh, Will. How I love thee.

The Stefans are the good guys with their girl's best interest at heart. 

They are the protectors. The nurturers. Not to say that our Damons won't take a bullet for the one they love, but they'll leave you guessing about their intentions until the bitter end.

I'm actually Team Stefan if I were to pick one on the show. But I have to tell you I'm Team Will in ID. So, it just depends, ya know? There are those characters that have both Damon and Stefan in them. THOSE are the ones that really pop off the page. If you can write a combo of these two, you've got a winning hero.

Are you more drawn to the Damons or the Stefans? Which do you like to read about/watch?

Have a great week!

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Steph Sessa said...

So I think I'm usually Team Damon, but for TVD I'm Team Stefan too! Despite Ian Somerhalder's gorgeous blue eyes, there's something about Stefan that makes me like him more. He feels more passionate and real than Damon. But I am also Team Will (and Team Jace) in ID (and MI).

Meredith said...

I love Stefan, but Damon just oozes hotness. I've been hoping Stefan would let a little of his bad boy out with Elena moving on to Damon, but he's so darn loyal. I'd like to say with 100% surety that I'd chose Stefan. He's gorgeous, protective, loyal, loving (I'd so choose the book Stefan). But Ian Somerhalder is so gorgeous, even without the sire bond I mean....come on :)

By the way, saw your tweet pic of Hogwarts. As much as I like Disney....the HAPPIEST place on earth is Three Broomsticks with a Butter Beer in hand! Supposedly they are expanding and adding more to Harry Potter!

S.K. Anthony said...

Why can't I have both? WHY?
I go back and forth, apparently I'm easy like that lol BUT the balance does tip a little bit more towards Damon, sigh. If you are going to go for the bad guy might as well do it right, no? :D

erica m. chapman said...

Oh! I love Jace, Steph! Yep, I'm feel the same way ;o)

Meredith, He really does, but for some reason I just love Stefan. I love that he's been kind of more bad ass lately! HA! I did have Butterbeer and it was delicious!! Yes, we saw the beginnings of Gringotts from the top of the Hulk roller coaster!

S.K., I've always been Team Stefan, but I admit to wavering once in a while! Hey, if you're going to choose a bad boy, Damon is the best ;o)

Anonymous said...

This is definitely the way to get a week started off right! Could I love either of these two hotties more? Um, no.

I have to say, I think I'm Team Underdog. I LOVED Stefan first. But then when Damon let his true feelings for Elena show, I became a Damon Lover. But THEN...when Stefan went into his sad phase when he'd thought/then did lose Elena, I was back on the Stefan Train.

Truly, I love them both and my mind just probably goes all giddy-tilt-a-whirl because of all that hotness. But when one seems to be the underdog, I tend to love him more.

Thanks for starting my Monday off with something so happy!


tawney13 said...

Ok, this is hard. I love the Damons but I guess I am team Stefan because I love the nurturing, protective nature of the characters. But I do go back and forth because there are some good Damons out there like Will. Sigh

Meredith said...

I'm watching Harry Potter witht he kiddos right now and dreaming of Gringotts opening up!

Oh and by the way I am so Team Jace!!! (And a new Vamp Diaries this week finally! Woo Hoo!)

erica m. chapman said...

Roomthirty3, YES!! I sometimes feel that way too, but I've remained pretty much Team Stefan... I like conflict though ;o) You are very welcome!

tawney, Oh WILL. My heart. Yes, it would be easy to love both ;o)

Meredith, YAY!! I know. It looks so cool! FINALLY. We've been without for too long!!

Laura Rueckert said...

My husband watches Vampire Diaries with me, and I think he's a little creeped out by my "affection" for Damon *shrug*. So I considered your question a bit longer.

It made for a long answer to be found on my blog:

But the short answer is that I want both: the bad boys when it's fiction, because they're more exciting and go through more personal change. When it comes to real life, it has to be the good boys, the ones you can count on.

erica m. chapman said...

Love it Laura!! Great blog post too ;o) Well, I love Damon too... it is such a hard choice!

Tasha7 said...

Oh Damon Damon Damon...started watching the show only because of that memorable "Hello Brother"... I love his complexity, badassness and heartbreaking tendency to love unconditionally (when he falls, he falls hard). The sarcasm is amusing, entertaining and completely fitting to his personality. He is hotter than hell...sigh...almost all bad boys are...he is passionate, intense and oh so complicated.
Granted, Stefan is a great guy and seemingly way too perfect for general...and maybe that's why I don't like him much...
As a friend, Stefan is amazing...and he'd make a wonderful boyfriend no doubt...but in love, Damon would be captivating, consuming.
Oh sheesh...I'd want to choose Stefan but I never could...Damon all the way...

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