March 21, 2013

Band Geek Thursday: A Playlist for Kisses!

Good morning dears!

We all know one of my favorite things in life is to write kissing scenes. I hope you all read Cait's post yesterday about Writing the Sexytimes because, MY OH MY, you really haven't lived until you've read one of Cait's Scenes.

(Give me a second. I just need to recover from the memory of Evan and Ginny's secret passage kiss in EYRE HOUSE.)

*fans self*


As I was saying, I love to write kissing scenes. A few months ago, I called on Twitter to help me come up with a Sexytimes playlist. Soooooo many people chimed in, and I ended up with a fairly long list of songs of all different styles. (To see/hear that one, go here!)

I find songs sexy for different reasons--sometimes it's the voice, sometimes it's the music, but overall it's just the feel of the song, and that will be different for everyone. After going through the playlist that twitter helped me come up with, I created my own list of songs that are more suited to my particular brand of sexy. For instance, while I think every single thing that LL Cool J does is hot, and Doin It is ABSOLUTELY a sexy song, it doesn't really go with my kissing scenes. A cute, sexy song like Never Shout Never's Can't Stand It is more the style of song I go for with my kisses.

With all that in mind, here's a short playlist of songs I listen to when I'm in the mood for kissing. Once I get a feel for my characters and my story, I'll choose a few of these songs to go on the WIP's playlist!

I'd love to hear some of your favorite sexy songs too. Leave them in the comments! Music recommendations are SORT OF MY LIFE.


Blair Thornburgh said...

Ugh, I am SUCH a sucker for other people's playlists (can I call it research instead of creepy voyeurism?)

I'm obsessed with "The Twist" by Frightened Rabbit...put it on loop to write some, *ahem*, crucial scenes, and then ended up ponying up $40 on craigslist to see the band live (can that be research too?)

Kayla Whaley said...

Some of my favorites for the sexytimes are:

"Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood
"Toxic" by Yael Naim
"Secret" by Maroon 5
"The Word of Your Body" from the Spring Awakening soundtrack
"Secret" by Missy Higgins
"Come on Closer" by Jem
"Fell in Love with a Boy" by Joss Stone (really anything by Joss Stone because OMG her voice)
"Volcano" by Damien Rice

Okay, okay, I'll stop now. I could do this all day. :)

tawney13 said...

This is a great playlist! I love kissing scenes especially when music is involved. In movies it makes the mood so why not while writing or reading the kissing scene? Gavin DeGraw Sweeter always gets me all gushy! I have to say when Brian Adams to really love a woman comes on,a classic, always makes me sigh!

Kante Luis said...

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