March 7, 2013

Band Geek Thursday: Gina's Playlist for JESSE'S GIRL

It's Thursday, my favorite day to be a Misfit! And especially today, because this soundtrack is comprised mostly of EIGHTIES MUSIC!

Today I'm sharing the playlist for my brand new WiP, JESSE'S GIRL. I was actually totally kidding when I named it that, but with everyone including my agent referring to it as such for so long, I grew kind of attached to it.

JG is a YA contemporary that takes place on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland. It's the story of Hayley, who expects to spend her summer swooning over Garrett, the lead singer of the band that plays at Habanero Bar & Grill every Friday - where she also happens to have snagged a waitressing job. Instead she finds herself increasingly distracted by Habanero's very cute, very taken bartender, Jesse. When Hayley discovers Jesse's girlfriend in an incriminating situation with none other than Garrett, she finds herself being blackmailed with a long-buried secret that could cost her a lot more than just her chance at being Jesse's girl.

So this soundtrack, like the novel, is still under construction, but I've found a few perfect gems that help set the tone. Here's the logic behind them:

JESSE'S GIRL Soundtrack by gmciocca on Grooveshark JESSIE'S GIRL by Rick Springfield - Because, duh. The character Jesse isn't named after the song, but the book sure is, and that's what inspired me to look to the eighties for the majority of the playlist. It's some of my favorite music, and this one's right up there.

ENTER SANDMAN by Metallica - There's a line in the novel where one of the characters is referred to as the lovechild of Metallica and The Wedding Singer, and an accompanying cartoon features this song. Not to mention it's one of the most badass head-banging songs ever.

POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME by Def Leppard - there's no actual pole dancing in the book, but there *are* a pair of blue shoes that would be perfect if there was. And let's face it, this song brings out everyone's inner pole dancer. If you tell me it doesn't, you are totes lying to me.

BOARDWALK ANGEL by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band - Those of you who are well versed in 80's know this as part of the soundtrack from Eddie and The Cruisers. I had to put it on my sountrack too, because the story takes place on the boardwalk. And yes, mine is in Maryland and not Jersey, and the characters fall in love on a Ferris wheel and not a carousel, but hey. Details.

SUGAR WE'RE GOING DOWN by Fallout Boy - So the band in this book is based on a band my sister used to stalk follow in her bachelorette days. She first saw them play in Long Beach Island, New Jersey, and then dragged me to see them the next time they played in CT. The Garrett in my head looks a lot like the lead singer of this band, - dark and smoldering with sexy hair - and this was one of their favorite songs to cover. It was pretty new at the time, and will always make me think of a hot lead singer playing at a bar by the beach.

BED OF ROSES by Bon Jovi - Roses are very relevant to this story. And there is no 80's singer hotter than Bon Jovi. I'll leave it at that.

DON'T STAND SO CLOSE TO ME by The Police and ROCK THE CRADLE OF LOVE by Billy Idol - both also relevant to a part of the plot, which you can probably figure out by the subject matter of both songs.

GIRLFRIEND by Alicia Keys - The only line in this song that's relevant to the story is "I think I'm jealous of you girlfriend." But I like this song, and it's my playlist, so there you have it.

CRAZY FOR YOU by Madonna - one of my favorite 80's love songs. So perfectly captures the heart-pounding moment of making your feelings for someone known. *Swoon*

There you have it. So tell me, peeps - which songs are serving as your background music these days? And what are some of YOUR favorite 80's songs?


Michelle S. said...

LOVE the sound of this, and the playlist is awesome!

Neurotic Workaholic said...

I like this playlist, especially Madonna's Crazy for You and Def Leppard's song. And I have that Good Girls Go Bad song on my playlist too! I like the description of your story; it sounds really interesting. I think a lot of people know how it feels to be attracted to someone who's already taken, even though we know we shouldn't be.

Dahlia Adler said...

ZOMG this is the best playlist EVER. Oh and the book's pretty good too ;) (Just kidding - the book is freaking awesome, by the way.) God, "Pour Some Sugar on Me" just makes me so happy. And kind of like I want to earn money on a countertop somewhere.

tawney13 said...

Love this playlist! I love 80s music and what an inspiration for your WIP. I love Metallica and the reference you have of a love child of Metallic and the Wedding Singer. Bon Jovi is also my fave. You did a good job and I can see why you had these has your playlist. Now I want to rock out!

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