February 22, 2013

Casual Friday: Interview with Author Jus Accardo

Hi Misfiteers!!

I hope you had a fantastic week! It's Friday. YAY!!

AND since it's Casual Friday, I asked an author and friend to sit down (virtually) with me and answer some questions. Jus Accardo is an amazing author who I've gotten to know pretty well as her editor these days. I can also say that she's become a friend of mine, and I'm so incredibly thankful to know her. If you haven't read her books, TOUCH, TOXIC and UNTOUCHED, you should remedy that right away! Also, I'm working on her new books, DARKER DAYS and TREMBLE, and even more (the girl writes fast). Make sure to keep an eye out! Her voice, plot and story telling is AH-MAZING. And Kale and Dez are an incredible couple!

What made you want to start writing? Was it one particular thing, or a series of events?

I don’t think it was one specific thing. I always wrote as a kid. It started when I didn’t like the endings to books I was reading. Convinced I could do better, I simply rewrote them to my satisfaction. Let’s just say, in my universe, Old Yeller lived to a ripe old age after having been given a miracle cure. Oh. And he could fly too. Yanno, side effects of the drug and all… ;) It all just snowballed from there. :P

What do you want readers to know about TOUCH that they don't?

Hmm. I’ll do a fast 5 little known facts:
1. Touch was originally titled Reaper
2. Brandt was originally Bree (actually he was half of a set of twins)
3. Marshal Cross, Denazen, and Kiernan were actually created in a trilogy (the first books I ever wrote) that sort of prequels the Denazen books.
4. Originally Dez and Kale’s roles were reversed. Dez was the Denazen Resident and Kale was on the outside.
5. Dax was meant to be a walk on/walk off (actually killed off) character, but I fell in love with him and didn’t have the heart to go through with it!

Your voice is awesome (yes, it's a fact) how do you tap into that teen voice so well? What's your secret?

Um… If I had to single one thing out, I’d say it’s probably because I refuse to grow up. :D

What have you learned about the process of publishing a book? What's your favorite part?

The most important thing I’ve learned is patience. Okay. No. That’s a lie. I haven’t learned patience—but I really should. Nothing in publishing moves quickly. It’s like trudging backwards up a steep hill while wearing fifteen inch heels.

As for my favorite part, I’d have to say that last read through right before a book goes to print. It’s energizing knowing it’ll soon be out in the world!

Where do you write? Do you have a special desk? Recliner?

I used to write at the dining room table. But last year, my husband surprised me by redoing one of our spare bedrooms, and now I have an actual office. It’s like my own little cave in here (though my Akita feels that it belongs to her). Now I can’t imagine working anyplace else.

I heard you wanted to be a chef (SO COOL BTW) What made you switch gears and write instead?

It was totally spur of the moment. I’d already been accepted to the C.I.A and I just decided last minute to pass on the spot and dedicate my time to writing. I was reading Rob Thurman’s Nightlife at the time, and I remember thinking, this… THIS is what I want to do with my life. Poof. That was it. :P

Favorite line from any of your books

I’m a sucker for the Dez and Jade exchanges. One that always sticks out is:

“Hands on hips, Jade snickered. "I'm invincible. Go ahead and give it your best shot."
"I wonder how invincible you'd be if I shoved an M-80 up your ass?”

Okay, quickies!!

Favorite Book Boy Crush and why?
Clayton Danvers (Kelly Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld) And why? Dude. He’s CLAY! Fierce, protective, and an amazing southern drawl.
Favorite Book Girl Crush and why?
Charley Davidson (Darynda Jones). Charley—AKA the Grim Reaper. Nuff said.
Book you can't live without?
Nightlife by Rob Thurman. Seriously. I have like 4 print copies as well as on nook
Favorite fan moment?
I was in the diner parking lot with my mom who had a TOUCH postcard on the dash, in the front window. These girls passing by saw it, and started raving about the book. Serious warm fuzines!
Caffeine or Au naturale?
Coffee! Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee… Did you know I liked coffee…?
Voice or Plot (I bet I can guess)
Voice. All the way. Don’t get me wrong, plot is important, but nothing hooks me faster (or turns me off) than character voice!

What do you want to tell the Misfiteers that you wish you were told before you became an author?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (as well as being a hypocrite), have patience. Most writers think the query phase is bad, and it is, but what comes after is even worse. The best advice I can give? While you’re waiting to hear back on the query, or your edits, or cover, or copy edits, start something new. It’s agonizing to wait, and while we may want to rip our arm hair out, it’s totally worth it in the end!

Anything to add?

Thank you for letting me hang out! This was so much fun :D

Thank YOU! This was fun for me, too ;o)

Have a great weekend, everyone!!


tawney13 said...

Great interview! I love your casual Fridays. I look forward to them every week! Now I have a new author to follow!

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