February 21, 2013

Band Geek Thursday: Chessie's playlist for THE NOCTURNIAN

Hello, Misfiteers!

I have a problem. Have you ever worked on a story for so long that every song you listen to reminds you of it?

That's what my YA sci-fi book THE NOCTURNIAN has done to me over the past twelve years. Today I wanted to give you a playlist for it, but literally every song I listen to I relate to it in some way. In the interest of not making you all hate me, I'm not going to list my entire music library here. Instead, you get the songs I think represent it best.

The Nocturnian is a story about being different, and being alone, and finding your place in the grand scheme of things despite both of those. It's about the things we want most in the world, and what we sacrifice to get them, whether it's the lives of others or our own humanity.

But it's also about the characters and their struggles, and I think that's what really links me to a lot of this music. Whenever I think about my favorite YA books, it's not the plot or settings that make me love the story, it's the characters and what they go through. That's why I love songs like "Ends In The Ocean", "The Saltwater Room", and "Swallowed In The Sea" so much.

(Lots of water songs. I mean, it's a story about sea monsters. And other types of monsters, and other types of seas. But really any song about oceans kills me.)

Basically I love this story with all my heart and I have so much music for it because I'm never going to give up on it and maybe I'm a crazy person but OH WELL.

Have a playlist.


Anonymous said...

I have a pandora station for every story I write. I love your playlist, though. Some of my favorite artists are on it (My Chemical Romance, Florence + The Machines, Carolina Liar, etc). I'm probably going to end up listening to this for the rest of the night and have half the songs stuck in my head now for days.

Francesca Zappia said...

That happens to me, too! Especially with songs like The Pretender and Beautiful World. I'm glad you like it!

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