January 30, 2013

Writing Club Wednesdays: The Pre-Missed-Kiss

Hi Everyone!!

I hope your Wednesday is going awesomely!

So, as some of you may know. I write (and edit) YA.

There are MANY reasons I love writing/reading YA. I love the voice, the angst, the firsts. I could go on and on... but one of my favorite parts to write AND read is the pre-missed-kiss.

YES. Those moments before the missed kiss. When the Protagonist and the Antagonist have been at odds and they *think* they like each other, but they're not sure, but the reader knows and they are turning the page with reckless abandon because they just want them to KISS ALREADY.

But there's a lot that's in between. Yes, we all love our couples to kiss, but then what? That before-they-were-together-butterflies thing dissipates a little, not to say that's a bad thing, cause Holy Balls, Batman when they do kiss it's powerful. But for me? I love that in-between stuff, the teasing and the looks, OMG the LOOKS. They could melt the underworld. No, I'm not talking about any particular book or dude, but I mean, one of my favorite dudes is Will from Cassie Clare's Clockwork series. 


Will and Tessa... they don't kiss until waaaaaaay later in the book. I mean, only Cassie Clare can make taking off a glove smexy. Did the huge wait make it any less hot? NO. We'd been screaming in anticipation of these two to get it on, of course he cuts it short because of *issues* which those of us who've read the second book know what they are. *sigh* 

My point is. The kiss is amazing when it comes, but without some fanfare and some serious angst and teasing and THOSE moments, it doesn't hold up to what we built it up to be. Ya know?

So don't go out there rushing to get your peeps kissing. Take time, let them stew in the torture. The reader will thank you for it. After all, after the kiss, we know the $^*# hits the fan anyway ;o)

So, for fun. Let's just stare at all these kisses for a while. I have to say, I've been Team Stefan (YES, I said it) since the beginning, but I'm EVEN MORE Team Stefan now because of a line he uttered in last week's episode. I won't say for spoiler-y reasons, but it was made of awesome. So, for that reason, the first slot belongs to him ;o)

You'll also notice Ryan Gosling AND Chris Pine are in these. YOU'RE WELCOME. 

Happy Wednesday!!


Liz Fichera said...

I agree completely! The tension leading up to THE MOMENT is the best part of all.

P.S. Thanks for the Chris and Ryan pics. Needed that! :)

Dahlia Adler said...

I was going to have insightful things to say and then all those GIFs happened.

Maggie Hall said...

Oh hi, good morning kissing GIFs!! And YES YES YES to this whole post. I LOVE those pre-kiss moments! The anticipation is the best!

Leigh Ann said...

A flawless post, Er. Mostly because that last GiF. Wowwwww.

Steph Sessa said...

The tension and lead-up is the best, because then when it happens I'm just like *swoooon*. (Articulate, I know, right?) Also Team Stefan all the way!

Brenda Drake said...

Got love that tension! Thanks for the awesome GIFs!

Daisy Carter said...

Ooooooh, I JUST watched that episode of Dawson's Creek. Season 3 was full of steamy, yummy goodness because of Pacey and Joey's slow-building romance. That kiss on the side of the road was full of awesome.

Okay, now I'm going to watch it again.

erica m. chapman said...

Thanks, guys!! Glad you enjoyed the GIFs ;0)

YES, Daisy. Dawson's Creek is one if my favorite shows!!

JQ Trotter said...

I love those moments, when I'm reading and I just want so badly for two characters to just kiss already! It's one of the best parts of YAs.

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