January 23, 2013

Pitch Wars Entry #9 - FALL OF A SPARROW (YA Psychological Thriller)

NAME: Megan Orsini
MENTOR: Andrea Hannah
GENRE: YA Psychological Thriller
WORD COUNT: 62,000


In this modern retelling of Shakespeare's classic tragedy Hamlet, Ben McPherson, son of the proprietor of McPherson's Traveling Carnival of Wonders, must avenge his father's untimely death. Set within the confines of a traveling freak show, FALL OF A SPARROW is narrated by Ben's best friend Liam. The story explores the monsters and madness that hide in the shadows and the secrets that can eventually become downfalls.

FIRST 250:

I didn’t help dig the hole that would contain the body of Henry McPherson. I didn’t even stand on the hill offering water or relief to those wielding shovels in the midday sun, a day far too bright for the task at hand.

I’d experienced so many deaths but I still couldn’t accept that people could die on days when the blue sky held hardly the hint of a cloud.

Ben McPherson and I sat in identical folding lawn chairs, white and blue nylon weaving across the metal legs. Denmark, South Carolina dirt swirled around our feet as those unable to dig, limited by either age or deformity, tore down the tents and put away signs of vibrant colors and hard-to-read font that presented Marianne, the happiest morbidly obese woman. Moses, the Snakeman. Lucy, a crustaceous creature of the deep who walked on the land among humans. And, finally, me. My poster was black with red flames on either side. In the center was a picture of me. I’d been photographed in an oily black suit in front of a dark lake and I held a walking stick in my right hand. My light-brown hair and blue eyes were all that separated me from the dark. Liam the Demon. Liam the Monster.


Victoria Marini said...

Ohhh! Can you send me a query letter and the first half of this manuscript? The e-mail is Victoria.Gsliterary@gmail.com. Thank you!

Brittany Howard said...

I'd love to see the first fifty pages as an attachment. Please include the query/pitch in your email. Send to brittanyh@corvisieroagency.com

Louise Fury said...

WOW! Would love to read the full manuscript. Please send it to me in a WORD DOC with the pitch/query letter in the body of the email AND as page 1 of the manuscript. Email: louise@lperkinsagency.com

Jessica Sinsheimer said...

I'd love to see this. Please send query, synopsis, and full manuscript to ESubmissions@SarahJaneFreymann.com, with #PitchWars in the subject. Thank you! :)

Julia Alexandra Weber said...

Hi there, I'd love to see more. Would you please send your query letter, a synopsis, and the first 3 chapters (pasted into the body of the email) to j.weber(at)jaw-litagent(dot)com? Please put "Pitch Wars" in the subject line. Thank you, Julia (J.A. Weber Literaturagentur GmbH)

Melissa Jeglinski said...

Would love to see the first three chapters, your query and a synopsis as a Word attachment to Melissa.Jeglinski(at)Knightagency(dot)net. And please put Pitch Wars Request in the subject line. Really appreciate it. Best, Melissa Jeglinski of The Knight Agency.

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME! You had me at circus! Where do I sign up??

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