January 23, 2013

Pitch Wars Entry #5 - DEAD MEAT (Adult Foodie Thriller)

NAME: Sarah Henning
MENTOR: Rebecca A. Weston
GENRE: Foodie Thriller
WORD COUNT: 100,000


When a sadistic killer begins butchering South Florida’s hottest chefs, Detective Ellis Cash and ex-cop-turned-culinary-school-professor Chase Bowman wade through a veritable stew of knife-wielding chefs, vindictive food editors and ice-cold investors as they race to find the culprit before he incinerates the Palm Beach restaurant world from the inside out.

FIRST 250:

Funny fact: Human flesh sears just as easily as lamb. Crisp skin on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.

Not that anyone would be eating this bit of flesh any time soon.

It’d been seared, strangled and baked off the bone.

Plus it was mostly raw.

A good portion didn’t make it into the well-salted cast-iron pan on the stovetop for a nice cheek-fat sear or into the oven cavity for a good off-the-bone roast. No, the majority of the meat was rigid, sprawled on the floor in the middle of a kitchen in one of Palm Beach’s hottest eateries, bookended by sky blue garden clogs and a face that was now just another anonymous crust on the bottom of a hard-working oven.

But the face wasn’t the worst part, believe it or not.

No, the worst was the neck. Maybe twelve hours ago it was a stout eight inches in diameter, bent over a computer screen balancing the books after a successful dinner service. Now, it was at best a constipated hourglass, a muddy hash of vocal chords, windpipe and whatever’s to be found in an Adam’s apple.

I swallowed hard, my arms crossed against the hum coming from the hallway—a payroll’s worth of restaurant workers milling behind yellow crime scene tape, all wanting to know when clean up could begin. Just so they could start a late lunch service and go back to earning tips the size of my car payment.


Jodell Sadler said...

Hi Sarah,

Great pitch and awesome opening line—I'd love to see the full manuscript. Would you please send it to me at sadler4kids@charter.net? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to take a look at the manuscript! Please send it as a word attachment to andrea@harveyklinger.com, and put Pitch Wars in the subject. Thanks! - Andrea Somberg, Harvey Klinger Inc.

Margaret Bail said...

I'd definitely like to see more of this. Please send query letter and brief synopsis in body of e-mail, and full MS attached to margaret@andreahurst.com; with QUERY - PITCHWARS in the subject. Thanks! ~Margaret

Melissa Jeglinski said...

You had me at Foodie Thriller. Would love to take a look at the first fifty pages and your query. Please send as a word attachment to Melissa.Jeglinski@knightagency.net
All best, Melissa

Rachel Ekstrom said...

Hi Sarah, I'd like to see the full manuscript. Please email me at rachel.queries {at} irenegoodman.com and please put "REQUESTED-PITCH WARS" in the subject line. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This entry scared the heck outa me! I MUST read it!!

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