January 23, 2013

Pitch Wars Entry #37 - POMEGRANATE HOUSE (Women's Fiction)

NAME: Bekki Callaway
MENTOR: Suzanne Palmieri
GENRE: Women's Fiction
WORD COUNT: 104,000

PITCH: When Stephanie was six, she watched her older sister drown. Twenty years later she returns home, unearthing secrets that throw into doubt everything she knows about her family. When a date-rape leaves her pregnant, Stephanie realizes the only way she can keep - and love - the baby is by forgiving her parents’ failings and her own guilt over her sister’s death. But can she?

FIRST 250:

There are two things I remember very clearly from the house on the beach where we lived when I was a child.  The first is the sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks in our backyard.  The second is the day my sister Sarah drowned.

The house adhered to no ordinary notions of architecture.  Strangely shaped windows, set at odd heights and inlaid with bits of ocean-colored glass, punctuated the walls.  A doorway in the back opened onto nothing at all, and had to be locked tight to keep small children from tumbling twenty feet down.   It was a house of twists and turns, of unexpected rooms, and, on her good days, my mother’s laughter.

We lived there until right after my sixth birthday, when my parents announced that we were moving to Granada, Spain.  As the stack of boxes in the living room grew, my mother’s smile became brighter, my father’s laugh more frequent.  The only one who wasn’t happy was my sister. Sixteen and stormy, Sarah was convinced that my parents were trying to ruin her life.  Some days, she and my mother would scream at each other so loudly I could still hear them with a pillow pressed against my ears.  Others, she spent with her boyfriend Rob at the beach.  When she let me, I followed her from room to room, like a kitten tracking a square of sunlight across the floor.

That afternoon, the afternoon Sarah drowned, was clear and sunny and almost hot.


Brenda Drake said...

Here's a request from Elise Capron:

I'd be interested in seeing your material. Please send your query letter, mentioning that I requested this on Pitch Wars, a synopsis, and your bio to elise at dijkstraagency dot com. Thank you, and looking forward. Elise Capron, Dijkstra Agency.

Brenda Drake said...

For Elise Capron's request, could you please include the first 15 pages and embedded all in the body of the query, please?

Sorry for psyching you out thinking you got another request. o.O

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