January 23, 2013

Pitch Wars Entry #33 - OVER THE DEEP-FRIED RAINBOW (YA Contemporary Romance)

NAME: Leslie S. Rose
MENTOR: Stacey Heather Lee
GENRE: YA Contemporary Romance


When a she-weasel swipes seventeen-year-old Sidney’s almost-boyfriend, she high-tails it to Kentucky to wallow with her country kin. Instead of offering southern comfort, they slap her with GONE WITH THE WIND and tell her to grow some gumption. Just as Sidney cooks up a Scarlett-style boyfriend-reacquisition plan, Sweet Buttered Jesus, a hunkalicious farm boy peeks in the screen door.

FIRST 250:

Operation Kiss is a go. Once Jon Dorsey presents me with prom tickets this morning, I’ll plant a “yes, oh, yes,” smacker so nectar sweet, we’ll hit official coupledom before he comes up for air. It’ll be

My brother, Allen, dives into the passenger seat of my hand-me-down Accord. “She’s coming. Hit it!”

Mom erupts through the front door, wagging a slice of bread. Her head juts forward like a vulture. “Stop right there,” she says, her Kentucky accent kicking in. She marches to my window and thrusts
cheese-covered toast under my nose. “No wasting my Gouda.”

I recoil before fumes contaminate my breath on P-Day, the last chance to buy prom tickets for Saturday.

Allen snags the toast. “Thanks, Mom.”

We roll down the driveway. Allen jams his bare feet against the windshield. Fog haloes curve over every hairy toe.

I raise my fist for a bump. “Killer save, bro.”

“You owe me.” His freakishly long fingers pluck the eucalyptus leaf from the visor and twirl the lucky charm in my face. “Kiss your boooyfriend’s leaf.” Jon gave me that leaf when he whispered he liked me.

Technically, Jon hasn’t called me his G-friend though he kissed me once over slurpees and he pays for my curly fries. Prom tickets plus PDA will prove we’re for real.

“Careful.” I snatch my leaf. A piece crumbles off and then the rest disintegrates, raining like ash all over my jeans.


Jordy said...

I would love to see the full manuscript. Could you please send it to me at jordy@thebookeralbertagency.com? Thanks!

Julia Alexandra Weber said...

Hi there, I'd love to see some more. Would you please send your query letter, a synopsis, and the first 3 chapters to j.weber (at) jaw-litagent.com? Thank you, Julia (J.A. Weber Literaturagentur GmbH)

Julia Alexandra Weber said...

Sorry, I managed to get the link to my twitter account wrong. It's www.twitter.com/jawlitagent. My website is www.jaw-litagent.com/home

gailecn said...

This Kentucky girl wants to read this book RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE. :) Awesome voice. Love it!

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