January 23, 2013

Pitch Wars Entry #3 - THE MAPMAKER (Adult Historical)

NAME: Joy Callaway
MENTOR: Elizabeth Penney
TITLE: The Mapmaker
GENRE: Adult Historical
WORD COUNT: 128,000


When Ella dons men's garb to help her Loyalist father survey the Carolina provinces just before the Revolution, she finds the political situation as baffling as her source maps. In the escalating tension, Ella finds herself sympathizing with both sides as well as torn between two men, Indian agent, Everett Alston, and mysterious Intelligencer, Ben Marshall. After her father turns against the Crown, Ella must navigate dangerous, uncharted territory to save his life as well as the lives of the men she loves.

 FIRST 250:

 My father once told me that all great surveyors have three things in common: unwavering allegiance to their commission and to their king; a logical mind, and an innate demand for perfection. At the time I’d thought it was absolute rubbish. I didn’t buy it and didn’t need to. I was a woman; I would never be a surveyor. But fate is fickle, and at the moment I found myself staring at James Monroe’s map of North Carolina, realizing to my immense annoyance, that he clearly lacked the latter two requirements, if not all three. James Monroe was, without question, the worst surveyor in the world. I flicked the blue blotch where I supposedly stood. According to his rendering, I should’ve come across a lake ten miles ago and I had yet to see as much as a puddle. James’ indifference seemed to sneer at me from the map and I suppressed the urge to scream, knowing if I let myself break, it’d be as good as accepting the fact that I wouldn’t find the lake after all.

I checked my compass and wondered if he’d been insane -- going hand in hand with solitude, it was almost as common among explorers as the tendency to get distracted by forward women and whisky, both offered in abundance along routes.


Suzie Townsend said...

Joy, this sounds fabulous--I'd love to see more! Please email the full manuscript as a word document with your query pasted into the first page to suzie@newleafliterary.com. Put REQUESTED MATERIAL in the subject line.

Louise Fury said...

Would love to read the full manuscript. Please send it to me in a WORD DOC with the pitch/query letter in the body of the email AND as page 1 of the manuscript. Email: louise@lperkinsagency.com

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