January 23, 2013

Pitch Wars Entry #27 - LOCKER 103 (MG Paranormal)

NAME: Lori Tays Eastep
MENTOR: Brent Taylor
GENRE: MG Paranormal
WORD COUNT: 40,000

PITCH: Winter Malone spends her nights in the middle school, but she’s not the only one hiding in the hallways. Mr. Hawkins, the school’s Soul, must find his replacement before he can pass to the Other Side. If Winter can’t help him – or destroy him – her Soul is on the line.

FIRST 250:

Mr. Hawkins could feel her niggling around in his ribs, and it made him uncomfortable, like a fly buzzing just out of his reach. He had barely slept in the 21 nights since Winter Malone had been inhabiting the band room. If it had been any other child – that useless skater boy with green spikes sprouting like weeds from his head, for instance – he would have scared her off long ago.

But not this one. He needed her. So he waited.

Somehow he had to break free from the curse, and she was the one to help him do it. There had been a time when he’d thought the offer was too good to be true. But he’d been stuck here now for 49 years – enough time to see the gymnasium covered in graffiti and ugly metal fences walling the grounds. The students blasted incomprehensible music and wore drippy, sagging pants that drug the floor and drug his spirits down with them.

Mr. Hawkins had been a good man, when he was a man. But things had changed, because now he had a secret. It was a terrible, awful secret – the kind that made the skin on your forearms pucker and pull, your blood slow to slush in your veins.

He also had a ferret. Ebenezer prowled the halls each night looking for two things: children, which he promptly reported to Mr. Hawkins, and leftover bits of tuna from the children’s lunches, which he promptly inhaled.


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