January 23, 2013

Pitch Wars Entry #22 - AWAKENINGS (YA Paranormal)

Name: Jennifer Shannon
Mentor's Name: Fiona McLaren
Genre: YA Paranormal
WORD COUNT: 74,000

Taken hostage by human traffickers and brutally murdered, Evie Shepard comes back to life as a Vengador, a creature with supernatural abilities whose sole purpose is to extract revenge. As she begins to hunt her killers, she learns they are luring her in – and they're using her sister as bait.

Evie’s fate now lies in one cruel decision – get her revenge and risk her sister's life, or save her sister but lose her own life in the process.

FIRST 250:
Lightning strikes the ground, leaving behind a thick, black scorch mark. Within seconds, it strikes a second time, pausing briefly before giving an earth-shattering final blow. I don’t see the actual bolts—all I see is a flash of light, followed by my sister and I running, out of breath and terrified. Another flash, and we are huddled together in an rusted abandoned car. The final flash burns, the car door screeches open and we are being ripped apart by unfamiliar hands. It’s with that final memory that I open my eyes. As soon as I do, something grainy flows into them, so I shut them again.

The first thing I am truly aware of is lying on cold, hard ground. The next is an unbelievable pressure on my chest. Slowly, I realize that it’s not just my chest—my face and body also feel as if I am being crushed. Oily nausea roils through me but I clench my teeth to stop myself from completely panicking. Where am I? I try to move my hands and find they are pinned to my side. I try to open my eyes again and instantly get something in them. I flex my fingers, and the grittiness that slips through them makes me aware of the awful truth—I have been buried alive.


Jordy said...

I would love to see the full manuscript. Could you please send it to me at jordy@thebookeralbertagency.com? Please put #PitchWars in the subject. Thanks!

JBodnarDrowley said...

Could you please send me your query, synopsis and full manuscript to jamie@corvisieroagency.com

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