January 23, 2013

Pitch Wars Entry #21 - ETERNAL EMBRACE (YA Historical Romance)

NAME: L.T. Host
MENTOR: Cupid's Literary Connection
GENRE: YA Historical Romance
WORD COUNT: 76,000

PITCH: Umenula binds herself in marriage to save her family from starvation, but before she even meets the man she’s promised to, she falls in love with his brother. A loveless life with her betrothed would be torment, but listening to her heart could ignite a war between their two villages that may cost them all their lives. Based on a real-life Neolithic burial.

FIRST 250:

Chapter 1
Being Held a Foe

There was no war between our people the first time I saw him.

He came to our village to trade. Papa heard the rumors on his way to the shrine and turned around and came back home instead, ordering Mama to bring her finest weaving and come to the village center. That was where he would be, he said. The trader.

I was grinding last harvest's wheat near the fields when I heard Papa call my name through the thin mud walls of the hut. I rushed inside and saw something glinting in his deep brown eyes that I had seen there only a few times before, and felt my heart clench beneath my breast.

"You must go and prepare, daughter. Quickly."

I nodded despite the stony pit settling into my stomach, and walked back outside. A stream ran through our field not far from the hut, and I aimed my feet there, through our sparse grain fields--sprouted moons ago and only just now starting to wake, and grow--while my mind ran in a thousand different directions.

Papa wanted me to marry. I was of age, but there were very few suitable sons in our village, and the ones that were here were already betrothed or bound to others. No one wanted to marry the daughter of the only man in town without any livestock.


Louise Fury said...

I would love to read more. Please send 3 chapters in a word doc with the pitch/query letter in the body of the email AND as page 1 of the manuscript. Please send it to louise@lperkinsagency.com Thanks!

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