January 23, 2013

Pitch Wars Entry #19 - SHADOW PSYCHE (YA Paranormal)

NAME: Leila Rheaume
MENTOR: Lori M. Lee
GENRE: YA Paranormal
WORD COUNT: 73,000


Seventeen-year-old Elliot sees bad omens in people's shadows. But when a new teacher arrives at school, the shadowy warnings result in death for the first time. To keep her best friend from becoming the next victim, Ellie must discover the teacher's connection with the eerie Shadowman of her nightmares.

FIRST 250:

From outside Headmistress Beecham's office, I watched a man's shadow give conventional physics the bird. Despite the steady light in the office, the shadow lengthened and wavered across the red carpet while its hand gestures and shifts in posture moved in the opposite direction of their maker.

I held my silence. First off, I didn't particularly care to find out how my prim headmistress might react to my 'gift.' Second, a warning wouldn't make a lick of difference in preventing the man's impending misfortune. Third, mentioning the shadows had a way of making me look like the conductor of the Crazytown parade.

People never thanked me for claiming something bad would happen to them because their shadows were jacked up. Reactions included weird looks, hasty signs of the cross, and inquiries into the whereabouts of my tinfoil hat.

Headmistress Beecham waved me inside when she noticed me waiting in the doorway. I entered and handed over the permission slips for our class field trip. I avoided glancing sideways at the man. I hoped he didn't have pets. The ones where the 'something bad' happened to the pets were always the worst.

Delivery made, I turned from the room, eager to be away from the rogue shadow. As a little girl, they'd made me giggle, reminding me of the opening scene of Disney's Peter Pan. Now I understood the trouble they caused, and they conjured up scenes from horror flicks instead. If Peter Pan's shadow caught Hitchcock's fancy, that'd be my story.


Jordy said...

I would love to see the full manuscript. Could you please send it to me at jordy@thebookeralbertagency.com? Thanks!

Brenda Drake said...

Kerry Sparks with LEVINE│GREENBERG LITERARY AGENCY, INC. has made a full request on this and I will email instructions by the end of the contest.

Suzie Townsend said...

Leila, this sounds fabulous--I'd love to see more! Please email the full manuscript as a word document with your query pasted into the first page to suzie@newleafliterary.com. Put REQUESTED MATERIAL in the subject line.

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