January 23, 2013

Pitch Wars Entry #14 - THE FUNERAL SINGER (YA Contemporary)

NAME: Linda Acorn Budzinski
MENTOR: Erica M. Chapman
GENRE: YA Contemporary
WORD COUNT: 57,000


When her graveside rendition of “Amazing Grace” appears on YouTube, Melanie Martin goes from funeral singer to Internet sensation, complete with fans, followers and a rock-star boyfriend. But Mel soon discovers fame can be as fragile as life itself, and a single misstep can put the nail in its coffin.

FIRST 250 :

Normally I didn’t attend my father’s funerals unless I was scheduled to sing, but it wasn’t every day Dad buried a rock star. No way would I miss Mick Nolan’s service.

This was by far the coolest thing to ever happen at Martin’s Family Mortuary. I rifled through my closet full of black dresses—eight in all, but none quite right for today. I wanted to look good, but of course, this was a funeral, not a concert, and I was in mourning. Mick was my second favorite member of The Grime, behind bassist Zed Logan.

Ah, bass players. Soulful, brooding, background guys.

I finally settled on a knee-length dress with sheer, flowing sleeves. Its neckline dipped low enough to be sexy but not, I hoped, disrespectful.

Turned out, I shouldn’t have worried. Downstairs looked like the set of a music video. Girls in miniskirts, midriff tops and strappy heels pranced around guys in torn jeans and t-shirts. A sea of tattooed arms, legs, bellies and backs clashed against the lobby’s soothing rosebud wallpaper.

My dad walked around solemnly shaking hands and intoning over and over, “Thank you for coming,” and “So sorry for your loss.” His dark blue suit, which usually helped him blend into the background, had the opposite effect, and he stuck out like … well, like a funeral director at a rock concert.

“There you are, Melanie.” My mother thrust a wreath of red and white chrysanthemums into my arms and pointed me toward the chapel.


Jodell Sadler said...

I would love to see the full manuscript. Could you please send it to me at Sadler-Caravette Children's Literary: sadler4kids@charter.net? Thanks!

Brenda Drake said...

Kerry Sparks with LEVINE│GREENBERG LITERARY AGENCY, INC. has made a full request on this and I will email instructions by the end of the contest.

Katie Shea said...

I would love to see the first 50 pages in word doc. Please send to kshea@maassagency.com

Thank you!
--Katie Shea

Brittany Howard said...

I'd love to see the first fifty pages as an attachment. Please include the query/pitch in your email. Send to brittanyh@corvisieroagency.com

Louise Fury said...

I read an earlier version, but would love to read the revision.Please send me the full manuscript in a WORD DOC with the pitch/query letter in the body of the email AND as page 1 of the manuscript. Email: louise@lperkinsagency.com

Anonymous said...

I'd love to take a look at the manuscript! Please send it as a word attachment to andrea@harveyklinger.com, and put Pitch Wars in the subject. Thanks! - Andrea Somberg, Harvey Klinger Inc.

Julia Alexandra Weber said...

Hi there, I'd love to see more. Would you please send your query letter, a synopsis, and the first 3 chapters (pasted into the body of the email) to j.weber(at)jaw-litagent(dot)com? Please put "Pitch Wars" in the subject line. Thank you, Julia (J.A. Weber Literaturagentur GmbH)

gailecn said...

I adore this one, and it looks like the agents did too. :) Best of luck!!

LindaBudz said...

Oh, thank you, @gailcn! I really appreciate it.

And many thanks also to the agents who requested. I am honored that you are taking the time to read my words.

Most of all, thanks to Erica Chapman, my amazing and encouraging mentor.

Good luck and happy writing to all the Pitch Wars entrants!

erica m. chapman said...

AHHH!! Look at all these. I'm SO very proud of you, Linda. AND these are excellent agents ;o)

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