January 23, 2013

Pitch Wars Entry #11 - EVERDREAM (MG Fantasy)

NAME: Alexia Chamberlynn
MENTOR: Heidi Schulz
GENRE: MG Fantasy

WORD COUNT: 60,000


Dreaming has been illegal in Taravel ever since the Raven Queen claimed the throne. Eleven works for a black market merchant, caring for living carousel ponies that provide artificial dreams. When the ponies start losing power, El sets out to free the true dreams before they’re gone forever, along with Taravel’s last hope of resistance against the Queen.

FIRST 250:

Dreams were banned a year before I was born. I often tried to imagine what Taravel and its people had been like before the Raven Queen outlawed dreaming, and what I would be like if she hadn’t. If everyone could dream, my special talent wouldn’t be so special, and it wouldn’t need to be kept secret. I’d also be out of a job as a black market dream merchant.

I thought about this as I walked through our purple and white striped tent, watching the expressions of the waiting people. Tonight our caravan arrived in a town we hadn’t previously visited, and that always made me curious. Was this their first time obtaining artificial dreams? Or had they been to a dream caravan before? I doubted the Queen realized the thriving illegal trade she’d created.

As I ducked out of the tent, dreams seeped through the flaps, escaping into the sky like multi-colored ghosts. Though thunder threatened and dark clouds pressed over the crowd, our line had grown substantially. I walked along it, counting people. Sixty-two. Eight-eight. Ninety-six. When I hit one hundred I cut in. “Sorry, but this is the cap for the night,” I said. Expressions of relief and disappointment bloomed on the faces to either side of me, and a few customers looked doubtful that a twelve-year-old girl had the authority to send them home.


Suzie Townsend said...

Alexia, this sounds fabulous--I'd love to see more! Please email the full manuscript as a word document with your query pasted into the first page to suzie@newleafliterary.com. Put REQUESTED MATERIAL in the subject line.

Natalie M. Lakosil said...

I am darkly enchanted with this, Alexia; beautiful and intriguing. Please send the full to natalie@bradfordlit.com with the query/pitch in the manuscript and email. Thanks!

Brittany Howard said...

I'd love to see the first fifty pages as an attachment. Please include the query/pitch in your email. Send to brittanyh@corvisieroagency.com

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