January 22, 2013

Pitch Wars Entry #1 - THE GHOST HOUSE (YA Horror)

NAME: Kim Kasch
MENTOR: Heather Marie
GENRE: YA Horror
WORD COUNT: 65,000


Disembodied voices within Kate Brody's mysterious house have taunted her since she was born. With its history unknown, Kate seeks to discover its secret and put an end to the haunting, before the voices unleash themselves on her and her unsuspecting family, and before the thing knocking at her attic door finds its way in.

FIRST 250:

Lying beneath her bed, palms pressed against her ears in a vain attempt to silence the screaming, all Kate knew was she’d been curled up into a tiny ball long enough for her legs to go numb. It was quiet now. Too quiet.

Something creaked––a floorboard, a stair, she wasn’t sure. One quick peek . . .

No! She thought. Don’t do it. It’s too dangerous.

Barely breathing, she remained still as a corpse, trying to ignore the tingling finger pricks racing up and down the length of her thighs. She dared not move. He might hear her.  Opening her eyes, her head ached from pinching them shut. She had to face the truth sooner or later. Swallowing her fear, she shifted onto her side to see.

It was dark beneath the bed, silent. Tilting her head, she listened, waiting for him to give away his whereabouts. She’d nearly climbed out when the shadows shifted. Shoes. Black leather shoes peeked in at her from the edge of the bed. She tried to make herself smaller, imagining it as if it would make it so.

A claw-like hand shot down beneath the bed, poking, prodding, searching for her. She squirmed, wiggling away. Something hit her back. The wall trapped her.

Knees hit the floor; palms splayed out on the ground, he bent down. She had nowhere to hide. Sharp black nails dug into her arm, pulling her from beneath the bed. Her nails embedded themselves into the floor in protest.


Brenda Drake said...

Kerry Sparks with LEVINE│GREENBERG LITERARY AGENCY, INC. has made a full request for this. I will send instructions on how to send your materials before the close of the contest. Yay!

Louise Fury said...

Would love to read the full manuscript. Please send it to me in a WORD DOC with the pitch/query letter in the body of the email AND as page 1 of the manuscript. Email: louise@lperkinsagency.com

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