January 14, 2013

Monday Pep Rally: The 2013 TBR Pile

Monday Pep Rally is a weekly feature where the Misfits post a question for you, the reader, to answer. You can answer on your own blog and link in the comments, or just answer here!

Happy Monday, Misfiteers!

Last week, Maggie asked you all about your goals and resolutions as we rang in the new year Misfit Style (which is way hotter than Gangnam Style, trust me). So for today's Pep Rally, I want to know what your reading goals for the year are!

2012 was a year of way too little reading for me. The transition to a different job left me without funds to spend on all the books I wanted, and my library is sadly lacking in the YA department. Still, I managed to read most of the ones I was absolutely dying to read. So for 2013, I'm all about reading ALL THE THINGS.

Top of my list is to finish the stack of books I have upstairs, which include Kiersten White's Supernaturally and Endlessly, as well as Tiffany Trent's The Unnaturalists and Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Boys (which I got for Christmas). I'd also really like to get my hands on Kiersten White's Mind Games.

I mean seriously, isn't that the
coolest cover?
But there's a whole slew of new books coming out this year, too! The top of my WANT MUST HAVE list is definitely Victoria Schwab's The Archived. Victoria is a lovely person, and I adored The Near Witch, so I can't wait for The Archived. It's my one preorder I allowed myself, and since it comes out on the 22nd, I'm actively having to keep myself from bouncing up and down in anticipation!

So nobody talk to me next Wednesday, I'll be reading.

What's on your TBR pile this year? What releases are you most looking forward to?


Dahlia Adler said...

Ooh, I actually do have a post about this to link to! Here's my 2013 TBR, with the bolded titles being the debuts I'm most excited about! http://dailydahlia.wordpress.com/recommendations/my-2013-tbr/

Jaye Robin Brown said...

Super psyched for my friend, Megan Shepherd's book, THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER. Also for the final in the Beth Revis trilogy!

Maggie Hall said...

Ooh, and I want to read all the ones you want to read, AND (even though this is YA Misfits) I want to try to branch out from YA a little bit and read more widely!

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