January 7, 2013

Monday Pep Rally: In 2013

Monday Pep Rally is a weekly feature where the Misfits post a question for you, the reader, to answer. You can answer on your own blog and link in the comments, or just answer here!

Happy New Year, Misfiteers!

Can you believe it’s 2013? I certainly can’t. 2012 was a big year for me, personally—it was the year I got an agent, moved across the country, and sold my book! (Thanks for helping me celebrate, by the way!) <3 I’m already looking forward to 2013 as the year I’ll do revisions, write Book 2, and (hopefully) continue to grow as a writer.

On that note, I’ve come up with my Word of the Year. It's the thing I’m working toward all year. The thing my whole list of resolutions is hoping to achieve.

My word for 2013 is INSPIRATION.

I want to be inspired. To create, to take in, to enjoy. To be creative, and energetic, and productive, and to feel like I’m doing the very best I can with whatever life gives me.

Lofty goal? Sure! A little cheesy? Maybe! But isn’t that what the new year is for?

To that end, I have a few things to concentrate on that I think will make me a better writer, a happier person, and hopefully, more inspired.
  1.  Routine. I’ve worked at home for some time, and it’s a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. This year, with writing added to the things I'm actually doing as a job, I’m resolving to make and stick to a real routine. I hate when I end up either working twenty-four hours a day or getting distracted by day-to-day things and not getting enough done, and I'm hoping this will help.
  2. Stop messing around on the internet! This doesn’t mean you, Misfits! I’ll still be around. (See below!) But what would be better for my writing—clicking aimlessly from publishing article to writing blog to query tips (why do I even read those anymore??)? OR just actually…writing? Yeah. That's what I thought. 
  3. Being a better friend/family member/etc. Though a lot of great things happened in 2012, parts of it were REALLY hard, too. I’ve found that I tend to pull away from people I care about when I’m in a mood, and it’s stupid and not fair to them. So CPs, I promise I’ll be better this year, and I'm looking forward to getting even more involved in the writing community. 

What about you, Misfiteers? Do you have a Word of the Year? Did you make any resolutions, writing-related or not? If you’ve already posted about it, this will be an easy Monday Pep Rally! Just link in the comments! I’m really looking forward to reading these—I love resolutions, and I'm sure you guys have some great ones!

Happy 2013!


Dahlia Adler said...

You couldn't be a better CP if you tried, Mags <3 But if 2013 means more Maggie, I'm all for it! (And it obviously does considering you are coming to me in THREE WEEKS.)

I'm hoping my 2013 will be about FOLLOW-THROUGH. I want this to be the year where every one of my projects finds its place, whether that means finishing things that are almost there, finally coming to terms with what will be permanently shelved, and knowing how I want to proceed with the rest of it. I can't wait to finish the first draft of my current WIP!

Lisa said...

My word is DETERMINATION. I'm determined to win all of the writing challenges I take part in and graduate uni and everything else, basically!

Brenda Drake said...

You've inspired me to stick to my routine, which starts right after I type this comment. I swear. Really. Happy New Year!

Jamie Grey said...

Great post, Mags. I think my word for this year is Present. Being present instead of always wishing/hoping for something else. Being happy with where I am instead of wishing it was different. I don't really make resolutions, but I do have some goals to achieve this year, so here's hoping!

Leigh Ann said...

Maggggie!!!!! You are a rock star!!!

Why is it so difficult to come up with one word? LOL. I'm so lame, I actually can't think of any one word. But I do know that 2013 is going to be my best year yet. So excited, for all of us!

erica m. chapman said...

Love you girl. And I'm with Dahlia. YOU are a fantastic CP <333 For me, it's CONFIDENCE. The more I believe in myself, the more others will and the universe will have to listen then, right? LOL

Excellent post and good luck with all of that. I have no doubt you can do it <33

Kurt Hartwig said...

BROBDINGNAGIAN. I just learned it. Gigantic, huge. A melon-sized word to account for the gigantic things to be done this year. It makes me think of Gargantua and Pantagruel and is imposing without being entirely serious. I'm in love.

Maggie Hall said...

You guys! These are amazing. So many great things people are working on in 2013!

Dahlia--I am seeing you SOOOOOON! And following through is such a good goal. It's draining to have unfinished things hanging over your head, no matter what they are.

Lisa--Good luck! I hope you reach all your goals!

Brenda--Let me know how it goes! Just a few days of trying to stick to a routine has been really good for me, and I'm going to try to keep it up. I'd love to know if it works for you!

Jamie--Being present is SO hard and SO important, I think. Life is always more fun when you can enjoy the process, but it's easier said than done!

Leigh Ann--Thinking of one is really hard. I'd been thinking for a while already, and finally came up with this one! And I think making this your best year yet is a fabulous goal.

Erica-- <3 Yes! I know that, for me, when I can believe in what I'm doing I do a better job at writing and life in general. :) Be confident! You rock!

Amber said...

This is a great post. And I can't believe all of that happened in one year!! What a roller coaster.

My word is Strengthen. I want to strengthen my writing, my body, and my relationships.

Maggie Hall said...

Amber--That's a great one, too. It encompasses so many things.

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