January 4, 2013

Casual Friday: The Age vs. Skill Debate

Happy Friday, Misfiteers!

Look at me, getting my lazy self up and make you a video.

(Best part of that was the guest appearance by The Schneider.)

Thoughts or ideas? Leave them in the comments!


Marieke said...

Unrelated to this entire video (with which I agree): Zen!Chessie is basically the scariest thing I've seen today.

Raven said...

This was a really great video!
I remember reading a similar article and it made me think of when I first started posting my work online. People would comment and say things like "Oh I'm impressed" or "You write really well for a 13 year old". Though it was nice to hear people liked my writing, I hated that people focused on my age. There's a common misconception that all teens start writing in high school but I've been writing since I was 5. My writing didn't start improving until I reached middle school. Even now at 18, I'm still trying to hone my craft but...it just bothers me that a lot of people associate writing skill with age. I've been writing for 13 years. I've been writing seriously for 5. Over time I have noticed the quality of my writing improve. Is there still room for improvement? Yes. But that's the same for ALL writers. It doesn't matter if they are young or old, agented or unagented, have a book deal or not. The more years you spend writing and more importantly reading, the better you'll be at telling stories.

Maggie Hall said...

Chessie! I love your vlogs. That is all.

erica m. chapman said...

YOU are awesome, you know that? LOL! Zen Chessie. I love it ;o)


Lyla said...

Oh yeah, I remember reading a similar article about one or two years ago that said the same thing ("You're a teen. Of course your writing sucks.") It must be one of those common things that people keep stupidly writing. I agree with everything you say and LOL omg the end of the video made me laugh so hard. <3 you~

Bridget said...

*Takes a deep breath with Chessie despite not being upset because it is fun* :D

I have seen a really excellent video about why beginner writers who feel like they suck should stick with it because they'll get better and they should keep trying even though they get discouraged. From what you said, I think this person's mistake was thinking they could substitute "teen writers" for "beginner writers who feel like they suck" just because there are a lot of teens who fit that description. It's that logical fallacy that "because I've seen a large amount of X people like this it must mean it's safe to assume that all X people are like this." Of course, so much of the time it's not safe to assume that, in fact it is offensive to assume that.

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